Silver Bullet Mines announces high-grade silver results from Treasure Room at Buckeye Mine

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Silver Bullet Mines vice president of Capital Markets Peter Clausi joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news of the company's Treasure Room and financing activities at the Buckeye Mine in Arizona.

The company has reported two sets of high-grade assay results from the Treasure Room area at the Buckeye mine. The Treasure Room is located approximately 310 feet from the mine portal, about halfway to Zone 1 along the vein structure.

Selected grab samples from this area returned assay results of 8.6, 90.3, 90.6, and 229.7 ounces per ton silver. Additionally, thin plates of native silver were observed along certain fractures.

It's important to note that these samples may not fully represent the overall mineralization of the Treasure Room or the Buckeye Mine.

The company is planning to take measures to stabilize the Treasure Room and improve safety conditions to facilitate access to the higher-grade material found within this section of the vein. This will not only provide a new source of mineralized material for the mill but also help refine the mining plan for this area.

Silver Bullet Mines believes that the Treasure Room likely contains more high-grade material at deeper levels.

The company has also announced a financing initiative aimed at supporting further exploration and development of the Buckeye Project. This financing will play a crucial role in advancing the company's mining activities and unlocking the potential of the mine.

These developments highlight Silver Bullet Mines' commitment to exploring and harnessing the mineral resources within the Buckeye Mine. The discovery of high-grade silver in the Treasure Room is a promising sign of the project's potential, and the company's financing efforts will contribute to further exploration and development activities in the area.

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