From Clear Aligners to Comprehensive Full-Bracket Systems, True North Orthodontics in Duluth, MN, Personalizes Treatments to Meet Unique Needs

Duluth, MN – True North Orthodontics is a locally owned and operated business offering advanced technology and custom-tailored dental solutions. Dr. Christine Hammer is a Duluth native and board-certified through the American Board of Orthodontics, allowing her to provide the highest standard of care. Since graduating residency in 2015 from the University of Minnesota, School of Dentistry, Dr. Hammer has created beautiful smiles in her hometown, addressing bite problems to ensure proper teeth and jaw growth and development.

Most orthodontic problems resolve with braces. Thankfully, these don’t have to be as noticeable as before, thanks to LightForce clear 3D-printed custom brackets that give the most aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and best-fitting support possible. From a detailed intraoral scan of the patient’s teeth, Dr. Hammer digitally plans treatment on the computer before adjusting them in the mouth. Her process creates a personalized solution unique to every patient’s facial structure, jaw problems, or other distinctive oral features. Compared to traditional braces, LightForce requires less time in the orthodontist’s chair because check-up visits are less frequent.

After fitting the braces, Dr. Hammer advises patients to brush and floss frequently to keep the teeth and gums free of plaque and food debris, preventing inflammation, enamel breakdown, cavities, or lost/broken braces. True North Orthodontics offers WildSmiles for young patients undergoing treatment for narrow upper jaw, cross bites, underbite/overbite, or severe crowding. The Phase I orthodontic treatment is interceptive for 6 to 15 months, eliminating the need for permanent tooth removal or jaw surgery when the patient is ready for orthodontics. The team provides fun-shaped brackets that allow children to customize their orthodontic treatment with many colors and designs, like flowers, balls, stars, hearts, footballs, and diamonds.

Clear aligners are effective, inconspicuous, and removable treatment options, utilizing the world’s most advanced system to help patients achieve a straighter, more functional smile. Dr. Hammer custom makes the clear aligner to slip over the teeth and move them into the optimal position without the irritation or discomfort of traditional braces. She advises patients to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours daily and change them in the correct sequence to ensure desired results. The orthodontist Duluth MN, completed the Aligner Intensive Fellowship course to provide treatment to children, teens, and adults.

True North Orthodontics serves patients and the community by creating beautiful, life-changing smiles in a friendly, compassionate, and welcoming atmosphere. Dr. Christine Hammer and her team recognize the value of time to deliver services conveniently, efficiently, and memorably, maintaining long-term patient relationships. Visit them at 13 W Central Entrance, Duluth, MN, 55811, USA. Prospective patients can schedule their complimentary initial consultation online through their website at

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