GaleForceMedia Introduces AI-Assisted Media Buying & Planning

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Gale Force Digital Technologies has announced the development of a patent-pending AI technology for its media buying and planning platform, GaleForceMedia. We are thrilled to launch this new technology, said Jen Williams, Vice President of Product Development at Gale Force. This significant step forward represents our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower our clients to achieve unprecedented success in the ever-evolving landscape of media advertising.

The new AI technology assists advertisers and agencies in determining effective media mixes by providing real-time recommendations based on a multitude of data points. The AI analyzes patterns, trends, and insights in local and national markets using internal and external databases to generate the most ideal options for media placements. Once the AI presents the results, GaleForceMedia users have the flexibility to modify or accept the proposed media buy.

Furthermore, the new technology will be able to parse much larger datasets than its human counterparts, allowing pattern recognition and planning on a scale previously unattainable. It is also capable of suggesting budget allocations, ad content type, content duration, and target KPIs per media channel. GaleForce's AI is built to continuously learn and improve based on data-driven assessments of its recommendations.

About Gale Force Digital Technologies

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, Gale Force Digital Technologies has been providing advanced media planning software, digital marketing tools, and other solutions since 2014. The products offered are GaleForceMedia, a media planning and buying tool; LocalForce, a local search management solution; ClickForce, a paid search advertising platform; SocialForce, a multi-platform management software for managing social profiles and scheduling posts; AdForce, a programmatic digital media buying solution; and ReForce, a proprietary review generation and reputation management platform. GaleForce is continually crafting and refining products to better serve its ever-growing client base.

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