Acclaimed author and life coach Eric North aka ‘The Happiness Warrior’ shares advice on getting a healthier mindset

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New York City, New York Oct 11, 2023 ( – Eric North is a life coach and an esteemed author who has found his passion in guiding people towards their ultimate happiness. To help people lead a better life and build a better ambiance for their minds to grow, North has successfully changed several lives. As he guides a healthier, better, and happier life, he is also known as ‘The Happiness Warrior’. He believes that happiness is a basic human right everyone deserves to experience. He says that the circumstances in which people are currently living may vary greatly but at the end of the day, it is only the right mindset people choose to live by that can give them hope and lead them to eternal happiness.

North says in a world where nothing feels the same every day, it is people’s mindset and attitude that they pursue that give them the right direction and purpose. This mindset belongs to people alone which is something to hold close to and cherish as if people believe in their rights to be happy no one can take it from them. People can choose their happiness but it is also their duty to to feed and maintain it. When they allow themselves to succumb to self-created doubts and emotions, they can fade away very quickly. So it is important to be strong and weather each new storm, a new one is always on the way to save them. Because when people have a strong and self-empowering mindset they can do anything with greater confidence and intention.

As ‘The Happiness Warrior’ North has spent a lifetime learning about himself and how he can better connect with others because mindset is a gift that guides everyone’s actions. At the same time, mindset is something that gives people purpose and helps them discover their potential. North says that it is a lifesaver in a world that often feels upside down and confusing, and at the same time, it is also the compass that keeps people moving with momentum. With enough strength, people can build a collective consciousness where everyone is seen and heard, so that people can be vulnerable in their best moments and leaders in the next, leading to eternal happiness and a stronger mindset.

To guide people in finding the courage to be themselves and develop a stronger mindset, the life coach has shared some valuable life lessons and advice. The first step is to always create an intentional morning routine that begins each day with a positive affirmation immediately upon waking. Eric says that it may seem like an unimportant habit, but it will soon become a way of life that will set the tone for each day and make everything that people experience more vibrant and impactful. People have to learn to reset every morning so that they can begin each day with optimism and faith in themselves to live in the present. This will work on people who have busy schedules too as they will feel their days to be less stressful when they take two minutes to stop and focus on breathing deeply to steady their minds for the day ahead.

North says that it is important to seek others who inspire people with their personal happiness and life fulfillment. These should be the role models who inspire people while making them feel connected to their lives. As inspiration and mindset changes go together, happy people would want to include other happy people in their circle of influence. In addition to that, people need to prioritize each day knowing that they are fluid, as it is important to be able to react to change and pivot to a new objective. People need to understand that change is inevitable, but when they set realistic priorities they are better set up to get them accomplished.

‘The Happiness Warrior’ advises people that when life feels mundane or downhearted it is time to count their blessings and think of the things that they are good at that give them pride and satisfaction. This is also a way to calm their emotions and self-created doubts. A great way to rediscover people’s hidden truths is by rediscovering a hobby or sport that they enjoyed when they were younger as it can easily become therapeutic and life-affirming. It is also important to keep a gratitude journal which can be written in free-flowing prose or simply listed numerically or in bullet form. At the same time, people also need to challenge negative self-talk and consider the words they use for themselves carefully. According to the author, nothing seals destiny further than reverting to old and unhealthy words and thoughts.

Eric says people should seek the wisdom and perspective of others that they interact with in their lives is how people gain self-awareness and courage. So what is important is to spend as much time as they can, outdoors. It is a high that helps heal and expand people’s desires and motivation. Last, but not least, it is extremely important to get plenty of sleep and proper nutrition. If followed correctly, people can soon achieve that mindset related to eternal happiness. Follow for more updates.

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