Red Sky Energy “not just wedded to the domestic scene”

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Red Sky Energy Ltd (ASX:ROG) Managing Director Andrew Knox speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive about the oil and gas exploration and development company's transition into becoming a fully-fledged producer. Knox starts by giving an overview of the business, highligthing its projects in the northern part of South Australia. Red Sky Energy recently signed what he describes as a "very lucrative" gas sales agreement with Origin Energy and expects revenues from the deal to start arriving next month. He says that Red Sky also owns an oilfield in the southeast of South Australia, with potential recoverable reserve of 30 million barrels. Knox highlighted the company's transition from exploration to production and expressed interest in international acquisitions, capitalising on majors divesting oil and gas assets. "Production is wonderful to have… but we're also looking at acquisitions – we're not just wedded to the domestic scene, we are looking internationally as well."

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