Oakmount & Partners MD believes “now is the time” for new approach

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Oakmount & Partners Ltd managing director Glenn King speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive London about a new product the venture capital firm is developing to support small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the startup economy.

Recognising the challenges SMEs face in initial fundraising, Oakmount is set to launch a new product offering a range of loans. King says the initiative will backed by approximately 5 million worth of UK assets.

He emphasises the extensive research and due diligence that has been going into the creation of the new venture, which he hopes will yield returns between 13% to 18% annually. While Oakmount will continue its traditional operations, this new direction signifies a major shift in the company's focus.

King says "over the last six or seven years, much of what we've done has been in Australia for green mining operations… that has come to its natural conclusion now." He expresses optimism about the future, hinting at the possibility of Oakmount becoming a PLC and listing on a stock exchange within five years.

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