CAREL Representatives Visit SPRSUN – Deepening Partnership to Promote Sustainable Development

GUANGZHOU, SPRSUN SPRSUN welcomes the visit of a delegation from CAREL, Italy to deepen their cooperation and promote sustainable development in the industry.

On the afternoon of September 7th, the CAREL delegation visited the SPRSUN company and engaged in an in-depth technical exchange with the SPRSUN R&D team. The meeting focused on topics such as “trends in the heat pump market,” “customer feedback,” “technical challenges in system optimization,” and “optimization solutions for the system.” This exchange deepened their mutual understanding and provided an excellent opportunity for further optimizing SPRSUN heat pump systems. It also fueled both parties’ drive to jointly promote energy transition and improve energy utilization efficiency.

The CAREL delegation consisted of five key members represented by Market Manager Sergio Maria Capanelli and Mr. Matteo Galenda. At the start of the meeting, Sergio Maria Capanelli, the Market Manager of CAREL Group, shared the latest technological achievements of CAREL as well as information and trends in the global heat pump market.

SPRSUN has strict requirements for all its heat pump components, and through rigorous market research and continuous testing, SPRSUN chose CAREL controllers because of their high-end positioning and stable quality, which meet SPRSUN’s requirements.

The new CAREL controllers bring together multiple advantages such as intelligent control and connectivity, advanced data statistics modules, and multiple safety protection features, representing the advanced technological level in heat pump control systems. They will also play an important role in several new heat pump products from SPRSUN, bringing customers an ultimate technological living experience. In SPRSUN R290 heat pumps, the CAREL controller will bring many highlights:

  • Improved energy efficiency: The integration of CAREL intelligent controller into SPRSUN heat pumps will enhance energy management and overall efficiency, reducing energy consumption and costs for end users.
  • Enhanced reliability of heat pump systems: CAREL self-diagnosis and network connection will help SPRSUN heat pumps further reduce operational failures, thereby reducing maintenance costs and time.
  • Enhanced user experience for end customers: More intelligent and integrated control, enabling users to switch modes, understand heat pump operations, and monitor energy consumption anytime, anywhere through an app.

In the latter part of the meeting, both parties discussed customer feedback, analyzing user habits and system optimization space through practical case studies. At the end of the visit, the CAREL delegation took a tour of the SPRSUN showroom. They visited the latest R290 series of heat pumps from SPRSUN and expressed sincere appreciation.

This visit deepened the close cooperation between CAREL and SPRSUN. In the future, both parties will continue to strengthen communication and collaboration to meet the growing market demands and promote sustainable development plans based on energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and comfortable energy solutions.


CAREL designs and produces solutions for HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) applications. The company offers many products and services, including IoT digital services, adiabatic humidifiers, programmable controls, refrigeration parametric controls, and more.


SPRSUN has been dedicated to air-to-water heat pumps for 24 years, which is one of the leading heat pump suppliers all over the world, providing high-quality and reliable heat pumps. SPRSUN heat pumps are designed and manufactured based on EN14511 standard with CCC, CE, CB, KEYMARKSAA, ROHS, TUV and ERP certificates.

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