Toowoomba Removals, A Premiere Moving Company In Queensland Australia, Safeguards Potential Victims From Domestic Abuse

Toowoomba, Queensland: Toowoomba Removals has announced the launch of the Domestic Violence Safeguard Package, which is a new removals service & moving option for removal customers wishing to avoid domestic violence with a troubled person during their relocation & move. The Domestic Violence Safeguard Package is specifically designed to safeguard moving customers from domestic violence situations. It offers any customer, who fears potential domestic violence from another person, with an innovative & creative way to stay safe during the removals process with a moving company.

“As a former DV support person of many years, dealing with domestic violence & other related issues we understand & appreciate how important it is for existing and potential victims of abuse to be able to move at any time of the day or night using unmarked trucks” said Tim Apps, CEO & owner of Toowoomba Removals.

Features and benefits of the Domestic Violence Safeguard Package include:

? Providing local police with an itinerary of the complete move & relocation of a customer, including to & from addresses, moving truck license plates, and names and descriptions of all moving staff, etc. This is to ensure that the customer feels protected.

? Using unmarked moving trucks at any time of the day or night so the removals customer feels safe throughout a move.

? Scheduling specific call-in times to the moving staff both while on-site and in transit. The purpose of this is to immediately report any evidence or accusations of bad actors to police to ensure the customer’s ongoing safety.

The Domestic Violence Safeguard Package will be available immediately starting at $880 for up to 4 hours with a minimum of 2 professional moving staff. For more information on the Domestic Violence Safeguard Package option, visit

About the company:

Toowoomba Removals is a full-service moving company that has been serving customers in the city of Toowoomba, across the state of Queensland, across all of Australia, and to destinations across the world since before 2014. The company handles any size of residential removal & relocation no matter how big or small the move needs to be, as well as commercial & specialized business moves with a professionally trained staff, specialized equipment, plus a large fleet of moving trucks & storage facilities. Watch what people are saying about Toowoomba Removals here:

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