Fast LinkedIn AI Lead Generation With Sales Navigator For Agencies Announced

From ChatGPT to Bing, AI is everywhere but not every AI tool is appropriate for every task. Online lead generation, for example, can quickly go awry without in-depth knowledge of the advanced tips and tricks that garner desired results. To help agencies leverage the power of AI for more effective LinkedIn prospecting, Salesflow has announced a fast outreach tool with Sales Navigator integration built to put AI to work in a way that boosts agency conversion rates.

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Salesflow’s announcement follows a series of updates aimed at enhancing lead generation functionality through cutting-edge AI technology. These updates include simultaneous outreach campaigns, personalised messaging, professional copywriting tools, and advanced filtering that helps agencies leverage the benefits of LinkedIn, a business site with over 830 million members.

LinkedIn has been developing its own AI and machine learning for years. AI technology is behind its ‘People You May Know’ feature; job, candidate, and prospect recommendations; and feed organization. Salesflow’s automation software harnesses the power of LinkedIn’s own AI while offering proprietary features that streamline agency outreach for effective, cost-efficient management of over 100 client accounts.

Using Salesflow, agencies have access to an AI copywriting tool that generates targeted messaging in a range of available tones – friendly, warm, witty, professional, etc. – and provides messaging inspiration to help hone outreach strategies. Copy templates can be customised for connection requests, follow-ups, and check-ins.

Additionally, Salesflow’s AI-powered inbox management automatically identifies positive and negative responses, enabling users to prioritize, respond to, and qualify warm leads. With research showing up to 50 percent of B2B sales go to the vendor that replies first, Salesflow’s inbox management speeds up workflow to give agencies the competitive edge they need.

With native Sales Navigator integration, agencies can target specific parameters beyond LinkedIn’s basic account research options. This includes job change alerts, advanced group filtering, and “similar to current customers” searches that can be loaded into the lead builder or uploaded into an agency CRM from which targeted campaigns can be deployed.

With smart automation, Salesflow significantly scales agency B2B LinkedIn outreach, saving teams an average of 40 hours per week in redundant research and increasing revenues by up to 48 percent.

The president at Inbox Attack says, “Salesflow allowed us to scale our business by about 25 percent. The ease of operation and increase in outreach efficiency allowed us to increase our revenue when running outreach for clients.”

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