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WOERDEN, UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS, Sep 28, 2023 (500NewsWire) — Wesp is taking the Metaverse to the next level by integrating all public categories into one platform, offering users an infinite array of experiences. This is made possible by a robust infrastructure for app development with an integrated App Store. Facilitated by AI technology, the platform is designed for easy use and fun engagement. Moreover, the App creation provides monetization opportunities for businesses and users, allowing them to capitalize on their creative ideas.

With the platform's integrated AI technology, creating a villa is not only simple but also a lot of fun and done within minutes. Navigation in the virtual world is achieved with personalized avatars, crafted through the advanced face scan feature. Beyond fun, Wesp is also a smart platform that incorporates fundraising smart contracts for businesses. Land parcels are also smart, being recycled when inactive to maintain a lively environment.

Wesp isnt a Web3 platform, it is a multi-layered, AI-powered smart Metaverse that also incorporates Web3 functionalities. This is a crucial distinction, as the two well-known Web3 Metaverses only cover a small fraction of the User Value Market. In stark contrast, Wesp captures an astounding 99% of it. According to Statistica's Metaverse digital media report updated in August 2023, this User Value Market is projected to grow from $53 billion this year to $300 billion by 2028. This sets Wesp on a path for considerable success, a claim substantiated by the already 26,000 users on its pre-launched platform.

The business model adopted by Wesp bears a strong resemblance to those of Apple's iPhone iOS and Google's Android. Instead of being an operating system for mobile phones, Wesp serves as a 3D operating system for the computer of the future. It provides the core infrastructure, while users and companies take the lead in app development for the platform. Whether it's a dating app, a fully functional racetrack, or a football stadium for social games, the possibilities are infinite. Around this platform, a unique ecosystem will naturally evolve, providing opportunities for both users and businesses to thrive.

In envisioning the future of the Metaverse, the CEO of Wesp paints an all-encompassing, immersive digital universe that's seamlessly integrated into daily lives. Opening a laptop could result in instant transportation into the Metaverse. There, individuals can play games, attend social events, or explore social apps. Shopping becomes an entirely new experience, transcending traditional e-commerce. Businesses have the capability to monitor fundraising contracts or daily app revenue, all within a highly interactive 3D environment.

The vision for the Metaverse is a realm where personal and professional lives intersect and elevate each other. Engaging with an overseas colleague in a virtual office becomes as natural as interaction in a physical space.

The skepticism this vision may invoke today parallels the incredulity faced when operating systems like DOS and 256-color VGA monitors represented the height of technology just 30 years ago. The 3D environments taken for granted today were once inconceivable. As technology has evolved rapidly since those early years, the Metaverseparticularly as envisioned by Wespstands to become an essential, enriching aspect of daily life, fundamentally transforming the ways people work, socialize, and interact.

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