Matson Money Launches The American Dream 401(k) to Help Empower Employees to Invest for Retirement by Discovering their True Purpose for Money

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Matson Money, a federally Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the Securities Exchange Commission founded in 1991 by Mark Matson, has launched The American Dream 401(k), an offering designed for businesses and entrepreneurs to take on and implement a 401(k) solution that can place them in the driver's seat for how they want to help empower their employees to save for retirement and to pursue their American Dream by discovering their True Purpose for Money.

The American Dream 401(k) is guided by two primary principles inherent at Matson Money:

  • First, educating investors to help them understand what they are doing with their money and why. It begins with helping empower investors to discover their True Purpose for Money. Through education, investors saving for retirement can be empowered to stay prudent and disciplined to help build wealth and avoid speculating and gambling with their hard-earned money.

  • Second, applying the science of investing to their 401(k) through the Matson Method. The Matson Method was built on more than 30 years of experience backed by Nobel Prize-winning investing principles, empirically tested academic research, and the study of human behavioral science and performance. These concepts are combined to create a systematic way of investing.

Mark Matson
Mark Matson

Investors financial future is guided by how they pursue their individual American Dream, which allows them to shape their own destiny and decisions to enjoy the legacy they envision in their retirement, said Mark Matson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Matson Money. The investment approach we take has always been rooted in empirically tested academic investing principles with real-life impact. Now, for the first time, we are providing access to a retirement plan that is built on investors true purpose and a time-tested approach to investment.

For sponsors, The American Dream 401(k) can enable business owners and entrepreneurs to help empower their employees to invest for retirement with mixes based on empirically tested academic principles and a philosophy grounded in the power of the American Dream and living a life on purpose.

A potential key benefit to investors is gaining access to individualized investor training and development. Investing is a lifelong journey, and just like top athletes, successful investors need the right coach and training. Through Matson Moneys strategic alignment with Ascensus, participants of The American Dream 401(k) can receive both, helping them to stay disciplined and prudent, no matter the market climate.

Matson Money is committed to world-class training and development that can generate and deliver created futures for advisors and their clients. Training and developing advisors on how to support clients in transforming their relationship with money, including both the mathematical and the human dimensions of wealth creation, can ignite a powerful exploration of their financial future.

Matson Money works with more than 500 advisors across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Its flagship investor education event, The American Dream Experience, has been attended by over 4,200 families since its inception in 2017. As of September 5, 2023, Matson Moneys assets under management were $9.7 billion.

About Matson Money

Matson Money is an asset management and advisor coaching firm that provides outsourced investment management, education, and tools to over 500 advisors across the U.S. The firm, which has US$9.5 billion in assets under management (as of 08/23/2023) adheres to a highly disciplined, structured investing methodology integrating Nobel Prize-winning academic investing principles, leading behavioral science, and financial coaching to help investors discover peace of mind around their money while pursuing their lifes purpose. Since Matson Moneys inception in 1991, the firm has helped advisors and their clients rethink investing and transform their relationships with money. Matson Money leads educational events for advisors and their clients called The American Dream Experience, where investors can encounter clear, potentially life-altering truths about economics and investing and engage in a profound exploration of their family's financial future. The firm has offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Mason, Ohio. Learn more at

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