Buena Park Plumbing Company Looks to the Future of Slab Leak Repair Technology

Suburban Plumbing, an Orange County-based plumbing services company serving customers in the Buena Park, Huntington Beach, Brea, Westminster and Anaheim areas, has been looking to the future of slab leak repair technology, its residential and commercial technicians analyzing the benefits of advanced tech like chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe replacement and epoxy pipe liners.

“Slab leak repairs are a critical aspect of maintaining the integrity of a Buena Park home or business, especially when a slab leak occurs in the concrete slab foundation itself,” says Suburban Plumbing’s Jonnie Maynard. “Utilizing advanced techniques like chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe replacement or epoxy pipe liners can ensure that existing pipes are fixed efficiently, and we’re constantly on the lookout for more future advancements in this area.”

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According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency research Maynard and other Suburban personnel have looked at, household water leaks can amass up to one trillion gallons of water nationwide when a slab leak repair is needed. At present, a handful of methods are used to repair slab leaks, starting with spot repair and moving up to pipe rerouting, repiping and pipe coating; as time passes, say Suburban Plumbing reps, other technologies such as infrared leak detection will take hold on a widespread basis and solve many problems before they arise.

“Using advanced technology for reliable Buena Park leak detection services is what we’re all about at Suburban Plumbing, and by looking to solutions such as infrared programs, we can quickly and accurately locate problem areas that have leaks without the need to break walls or the ground,” adds Maynard. “This type of advanced approach uses infrared tech to find electrical ‘hot spots,’ energy leaks and water leaks – all without the destruction that comes with the traditional probing method.”

The way Suburban staff members see it, infrared is poised to become a major player in the future of leak repair and the plumbing industry itself, what with the tech’s ability to check energy usage – including cooling and heating loss through improper insulation – while finding water leaks and other origins for which a full report can be compiled, detecting moisture that may be hiding within the walls or floor, finding any influx of rodents or pests and searching for plumbing issues and the root cause for them.

In the area of epoxy pipe lining, also called structural pipe lining, cured-in-place lining (CIPP) or simply pipe lining, Suburban representatives stress that this form of trenchless sewer repair involves creating a brand new pipe directly inside an old one, rendering the procedure easy, clean and fast. A unique epoxy-impregnated liner is inserted into the old pipe, a bladder on the inside of the liner is inflated – which pushes the liner up against the walls of the pipe, taking its shape – and, once the epoxy cures, the bladder can be removed, the result of which is a brand new pipe within the old one.

“Indeed, epoxy pipe lining, much like the chlorinated polyvinyl pipe replacement approach, can be considered replacement or repair, depending on whether the whole pipe length will be lined or just a section,” concludes Maynard.

Suburban Plumbing also offers comprehensive services in the area of water heater repair and general plumbing repairs for customers in the immediate Buena Park area and beyond.

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