Former MMA World Champion Shares His Breakthrough Healing Journey With Mushrooms

Dallas, TX – In a groundbreaking interview with the former mixed martial arts world champion and pioneer of the MMA sport, Ian McCall, shared his compelling journey from fighter to advocate for the transformative power of ‘Happy Mushrooms’.

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Growing up in Dana Point, California, McCall’s early life was filled with turmoil, from addiction struggles to battles in the ring. Today, McCall is a voice championing the benefits of psychedelics in addressing trauma, addiction, and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

“The journey to understanding wasn’t an easy one,” said McCall, detailing the battles he faced from a young age, from joining a gang to a 20-year addiction to opiates. But his turning point came through personal experience with ‘Happy Mushrooms’. “Microdosing led to the production of things like brain-derived nootrophic factor and glutamate, helping in healing not just the physical but also the spiritual,” he remarked.

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McCall isn’t just advocating based on personal experiences. He’s actively involved in research to back up his claims. He is currently collaborating with major institutions like the Imperial College of London and the University of Miami on studies related to psychedelics and their potential benefits.

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has taken notice of McCall’s work. “After seeing the effects and understanding the potential benefits, we decided to delve deeper into the research,” commented Jeff Novitsky of the UFC.

Beyond the research, McCall emphasized the importance of community and the role of influential figures in changing the narrative around ‘Happy Mushrooms’. Citing other notable figures like Mike Tyson and Dr. Zach Bush who share a belief in the transformative power of these substances, McCall believes that there is a paradigm shift happening, and it’s only a matter of time before more people recognize the potential of psychedelics to heal and transform lives.

The full Curative Mushrooms podcast episode is available for streaming on Spotify.

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