The Way to Happiness Association of Tennessee Working on Crime Reduction

The Way to Happiness Association of Tennessee, the local chapter of the international organization The Way to Happiness Foundation, is reaching out to neighbors to help reduce crime.  

Tennessee, US, 16th September 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, The Way to Happiness, a book written by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard in the early 1980s, is comprised of 21 precepts, each one predicated on the fact that one’s survival depends on the survival of others—and that without the survival of others, neither joy nor happiness are attainable. In the three decades since it was authored, more than 115 million copies of the book passed hand to hand, thus inspiring the international movement which is spreading throughout Nashville and all of Tennessee.

Since 2009, volunteers have taken to the streets and parks of Nashville to distribute booklets to help people learn the concepts contained within the common-sense moral code and uplift communities. There was a brief pause on this during the Covid-19 pandemic, but volunteers have been back at it again with safety and health precautions in place.

Most recently, volunteers distributed dozens upon dozens of the booklet to neighbors during community events in a suburb of Nashville.

Mr. Hubbard begins the book with these words: “Your survival is important to me.” He goes on to say, “You are important to other people. You are listened to. You can influence others. The happiness or unhappiness of others you could name is important to you. Without too much trouble, using this book, you can help them survive and lead happier lives.”

TWTH-TN is making a true impact across Tennessee and reaching other parts of the world. To learn more about the program, or to order copies of The Way to Happiness booklet, visit