Park Ridge, NJ Blacktop Asphalt Driveway Paving & Repair Service Announced

Ahead of the upcoming colder and wetter months, the locally owned and operated company will coat driveways with asphalt creating a smooth, durable surface. Compared to concrete, asphalt is less prone to cracks in freezing weather, while its natural porousness allows rainwater to quickly drain away.

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Now offering to complete residential and commercial projects, Doherty Home Improvements is committed to providing personalized paving and masonry solutions.

Its team is adept at working with various types of asphalt, including hot mix, warm mix, and porous asphalt, and will help clients evaluate which type is best suited to the project at hand. With proper care and maintenance, asphalt can last over twenty years and is less expensive than concrete.

‘Asphalt driveway cracks and potholes are relatively easy to repair and can be done as a DIY project without any noticeable difference’, a spokesperson for the company explained. ‘Additionally, asphalt doesn’t show oil stains or rust due to its naturally dark color’.

Moreover, by recycling asphalt from the existing driveway or reclaiming it from other projects, Doherty Home Improvements can help its clients keep their costs low. Alternatively, for a personalized finish, its team will design and install stamped or colored asphalt, which can be made to imitate paving stones or bricks.

Both standard asphalt and blacktop are produced by mixing stone and sand with an adhesive base. However, the blacktop has a higher stone content and is heated to higher temperatures, making it more malleable and easier to repair. Moreover, it is resistant to UV light and will retain its dark color. Doherty Home Improvements also offers asphalt repair services. By smoothing uneven surfaces and filling potholes, local homeowners can extend the life of their driveway and maintain their property’s curb appeal.

About Doherty Home Improvements

Doherty Home Improvements serves clients throughout North and Central New Jersey, including Bergen, Morris, Somerset, Passaic, Sussex, and Middlesex counties.

Its team has expertise in a number of paving and masonry techniques. This includes interlocking paving, which creates a seamless look ideal for drive and walkways, and porcelain paving, a popular option for pool decks. They can use concrete, natural stone, bluestone, brick, cobblestone, marble, and paving stones to create surfaces capable of lasting for up to 50 years.

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