xCures Platform advances progress on the White House Cancer Moonshot mission to end cancer as we know it.

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xCures, a leader in data-driven cancer solutions, is thrilled to announce that its platform has been highlighted as a new commitment to deliver progress on the White House Cancer Moonshot mission ending cancer as we know it.

The xCures health-data technology platform has been designed to overcome a key challenge for many rare diseases: collecting, organizing, and standardizing comprehensive data from patients across the US.

In alignment with the Cancer Moonshot Initiatives goals to reduce cancer death rates by 50% over the next 25 years, xCures is launching an ambispective natural history study of DMG and DIPG. This study will speed up the identification of patterns that can inform more personalized treatment plans and targeted therapies.

xCures will provide access without licensing fees to the data for academic and government researchers. Open access to this valuable resource will accelerate scientific breakthroughs and foster a community actively seeking a cure.

We recognize that collaboration is key to success. Our pledge extends to fostering an ongoing relationship with all stakeholders – patients, families, physicians, researchers, and advocacy organizations, said Mika Newton, CEO of xCures. Together, we can create a powerful collective dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of DMG DIPG.

DMG and DIPG patients are encouraged to sign up for the study at www.xcures.com/dmg

About xCures

xCures Inc. operates an AI-assisted platform that automatically retrieves medical records from all sites of care. The (unstructured) data is aggregated and organized into a powerful, always up-to-date care summary that helps cancer patients get the right therapy at the right time.

The platform's portals, xINFORM for patients and xDECIDE for providers, facilitate treatment option decisions. The research portal, xUTILITY, generates Real-time, Regulatory-grade, Clinical data (RRC) for studies and decentralized trials.

For more information, contact [email protected] or visit http://www.xcures.com.

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