Top Pop Tracks: Lit Tunes Lists for Pop Music Hits

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Born out of a collective passion for those chart-topping bangers and underrated jams, we’re a crew of avid pop music aficionados. From the neon glow of the 80s, the fierce diva anthems of the 90s, to today’s bangers, our team is plugged in 24/7.

Los Angeles, California Sep 12, 2023 ( – Dive headfirst into the vivid world of pop with Top Pop Tracks, the digital media publication that puts the pulse back into pop. Founded by the dynamic Andy Mac, a seasoned beat chaser with his finger on the pulse of pop since the noughties, Top Pop Tracks is set to become every pop lover’s go-to hub.

From the origin of rock, the edginess of punk rock, to the contemporary masters of pop, Top Pop Tracks celebrates it all. The platform is the brainchild of pop aficionados who are always tuned in. Whether you’re vibing to the neon beats of the 80s, jamming to diva anthems of the 90s, or exploring today’s genre-blending masterpieces, the team has got you covered.

Craving meticulously curated lists? Ponder no more about the anthems that ruled summer ’08 or those ballads tailor-made for gloomy rainy days – Top Pop Tracks has a list for every mood. For those who thrive on reviews and rundowns, the team’s got the tea ready to spill on fresh track drops, the latest albums, and sizzling MVs. And if you’re in for a journey, embark on their deep dives – exploring the stories, lyrics, and the evolution behind those pop anthems.

In the expansive realm of music, pop holds a special place, being both a reflection of our times and an irresistible addiction. Top Pop Tracks reveres this, giving fans, both old and new, a buzzing corner to delve into, debate, and dance to the dynamic domain of pop.

Joining Andy Mac in this venture is Eleanor R., the pop scene’s sparkling gem, painting the world of chartbusters with her eloquent words. A go-to for anything bright and booming since the 2010s, she’s your guide to all things sonorous and shimmering in the pop universe.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes or are deep into the ocean of pop, Top Pop Tracks ensures a groove for everyone. Let’s ride the rhythm, share those beats, and keep that pop pulse electrifying!

Discover. Discuss. Dance. Dive into the world of pop with Top Pop Tracks.

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