Stock Chart Reading For Day Traders, Technical Analysis Basics Course Announced

The latest launch offers subscribers an opportunity to acquire vital skills, arming beginners and more experienced traders alike with advanced techniques to make smarter and more lucrative decisions in the stock market.

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The announcement affirms MIC’s commitment to widening access to careers in the financial markets. The platform’s coaching syllabus assumes no prior knowledge or experience of day trading with a seven-hour Accelerator course, specially designed for first-timers, giving a comprehensive introduction to key concepts and approaches.

Technical analysis uses market data to predict a stock or security’s most probable future price movement. These predictions are based on the idea that all market participants contribute and reflect a complete picture of a stock’s fair market value. This approach focuses on past and current price action as an accurate indicator of future performance.

MIC subscribers are given in-depth coaching on using price charts and how to factor in time frames and technical indicators to inform their predictions. These charts can cover short or longer periods depending on the trader’s preference – from five minutes to daily time frames. Day traders open and close positions within a single day and thus the five or 15-minute charts are most useful for this approach.

Alongside time frames, the MIC coaching team explains how to use various types of charts. These include candlesticks and their respective patterns, such as long-legged and dragonfly doji patterns.

Technical indicators such as moving averages, pivots, and Fibonacci numbers, retracements, and extensions are also explained. In addition to these techniques, MIC members can also learn fundamental analysis methods as well as short-selling and hedge fund trading strategies.

Teaching is delivered via webinar sessions, regular Q&As, and MIC’s flagship mentorship program which connects amateur traders with elite-level professionals to expedite their learning curve. Mentors are available seven days a week via voice call or direct messaging.

A spokesperson says, “Mainstream trading education often teaches good people terrible trading habits and as a result, they never really get a fair shot at making it as traders. We set out to change that by offering people a real, professional day trading education and in doing so build the benchmark trading community.”

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