Princeton Junction Preschool With Math & Science Activities, Program Expanded

The updated program reflects the school’s commitment to providing a trustworthy, safe environment for childcare in and around Princeton Junction, while also offering an enriching educational program that prepares children for the next stage of their learning journey.

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RisingStar’s updated preschool program for 2023 includes activities for cognitive development, language, math and science, health and safety, gross motor skills, and social interaction. Over the course of each day, the program applies fun, engaging tools, such as puzzles, books, number games, and outside play to help kids grow cognitively, emotionally, and physically.

Research from the Early Childhood Education Zone shows that preschool attendance has a significant effect on future success for children, as preschool is linked to better academic performance and higher rates of college attendance later in life. At RisingStars Preschool, the emphasis is on whole-child development and setting a firm foundation for learning, health, and behavior, while also providing NJ-licensed childcare that is reliable and secure. “Our first priority is to keep your child safe and healthy,” says a school spokesperson. “We engage, support, and challenge children with fun-filled activities throughout the day.”

During a typical day at the preschool, students will practice language skills, such as speaking, listening, writing, reading, phonics, creative story-telling, and simple grammar and vocabulary skills.

The program also includes early math and science exercises, such as learning how to read and use a calendar, identify number sequences, match objects, count and weigh toys, and measure height with wooden blocks.

Children will also have regular opportunities to dance and move in the classroom, as well as engage in many activities outside, such as catch and toss, bouncy balls, stepping stones for improved balance, tag, and hopscotch.

The preschool uses a state-approved curriculum and offers flexible center tours, either virtually or in person. Parents of past and current students offer positive reviews. “RisingStars is a wonderful preschool,” says one happy parent. “Mrs. Aparna is amazing. She does a ton of activities with the kids every day and my toddler is always learning with her. She was also readily available to discuss and offer guidance on every aspect of my child’s development.”

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