Affordable Well-Fitting Royal Blue Nursing Scrubs For Students Launched

Uniforms World Store’s new collection of scrubs for students has been designed to be high-quality, well-fitting and affordable, taking into account the high cost of standard scrubs and the difficulty nursing students often have in purchasing the correct apparel for their student rotations and residencies. Uniforms World Store is also launching a new color for their popular scrubs, which they believe is versatile and suitable for nurses in almost all healthcare contexts and environments: royal blue.

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Uniforms World Store has released their new line of student budget-friendly scrubs in response to a recent article on Nurse Money Talks titled ‘Why Are Scrubs So Expensive’. As the article explained, because scrubs are mandated there has historically been minimal competition between scrub-producing manufacturers and little incentive to keep prices low, with most established brands charging as much as $60 for scrub tops and $60 for scrub pants, which are sold separately.

Nurse Money Talks explained that the cost for scrubs is also high because of the quality of the materials used. This is why Uniforms World Store is proud to be making their affordable scrubs in a premium polyester, spandex and rayon blend which makes them anti-wrinkle, anti-static, anti-absorbent and anti-bacterial.

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Uniforms World Store is confident that their affordable new nursing scrubs can help students to save money with no sacrifice in quality, and their fabric blend has also designed to be comfortable for long shifts and durable in the face of the challenging work of a nurse.

Uniforms World Store is based in Pennsylvania, and they ship their medical apparel across the United States. They have both men’s and women’s scrubs and a vast size and color selection, including their new royal blue scrubs.

A spokesperson for the scrubs specialists said, “Our philosophy at Uniforms World is a set is better. We do not believe that you should pay the highest prices for the fundamental need of medical scrubs. We do not believe the hard-working nurse, nor the overworked med student should be using all their hard-earned dollars to buy the basic essentials they need to fit their lifestyle. Through a set is better we aim to bridge the gap between high quality and reasonable pricing. The bridge is here for you to walk over. Get set.”

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