Rockville Probate Real Estate Agent: Inherited Property Listing, Sales Announced

With over one million homes going through the probate system each year, Marc Cormier, via the latest service update, seeks to help Rockville families navigate the process by providing hands-off, full-package solutions. The certified realtor can handle all aspects of the probate real estate transaction, from guiding clients through the complex legal process to listing and marketing the inherited property.

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Tailored to each client’s unique situation, Marc Cormier’s new services provide a unique blend of supportive and marketing solutions to help clients maximize the market value of their properties. He assists clients in staging their houses, which may include decluttering and packing, and can make upgrades to the property to attract potential buyers.

Unlike a regular house sale, Marc Cormier explains that selling a property in probate can be complicated and may even take longer. That’s why his services also include finding other professionals, like probate attorneys and CPAs, who can help facilitate a smooth and quick transaction.

Beyond preparing clients’ properties for the market and liaising with other professionals, the realtor can handle the complex aspects of the probate process. He can verify title deeds, clear letters of administration, and resolve any safety or health issues with the property before listing it on the market.

Leveraging his experience in handling reverse mortgages, Marc Cormier helps clients verify whether there are any liens against their property or any pending problems that could hinder the sale.

For those who wish to sell their property fast and without going the traditional house listing route, the probate realtor offers as-is, cash-for-home services they can benefit from. The agent explains that the amount he offers is affected by current market rates and the level of repairs needed to restore the property.

Marc Cormier is a nationally recognized realtor with over 20 years of experience helping families and individuals in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, navigate the probate process.

Cormier says, “We are here to help you sell your probate real estate. We have the experience and resources necessary to get your property sold quickly and for top dollar.”

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