Maryland Probate Real Estate Sales Agent, Specialist Realtor Services Announced

Marc Cormier is now offering both informational and advisory services on the real estate aspect of the probate process through his website, Guide to Probate. The platform was conceived as an all-inclusive resource on various topics relevant to the probate process in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

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“As a real estate agent specializing in working with families selling a probate property, I understand how overwhelming and emotional the process can be,” said Mr. Cormier. “Losing a loved one is difficult enough, and dealing with the legalities of selling a property can add even more stress. That’s why I believe it’s essential to approach this process with empathy and understanding.”

According to Mr. Cormier, the complexity of the probate process became the impetus for the creation of his platform. Guide to Probate offers many informative articles that answer commonly asked questions, with some offering a deep dive into subjects such as reverse mortgages and the responsibilities of personal representatives.

He admits, however, that certain aspects of probate may require the advice of a specialist attorney and realtor. For instance, once granted the legal right to sell the property, Mr. Cormier said that it becomes critical to employ an experienced probate real estate agent.

“Selling a house during probate often involves a lengthy process, and a probate specialist realtor can make this process as smooth and stress-free as possible for their clients,” Mr. Cormier said.

In addition to determining the value of the property, Mr. Cormier explained that probate realtors can offer advice regarding a number of concerns, such as how to market the property and whether renovations are needed or if it is possible to list the property as is. He further stated that these professionals are expected to secure the highest possible cash offer for the property.

As a seasoned probate realtor himself, Mr. Cormier offers his services to property heirs who are looking for a professional who can help them navigate the probate process in the states of DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

“While selling a house during probate can be a lengthy process, I ensure that each sale goes through smoothly and with my client walking away satisfied,” he said.

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