Leakage-Proof Cat Litter Mat With Mesh Surface For Clean Paws, No Mess Launched

Available in small, medium, and large sizes of up to 55 by 75 centimeters, the new mat is made to trap waste and urine within a purpose-built, odor-resistant pocket.

More information can be found at https://doviast.com/

The scratch-resistant design is made from soft polyurethane rubber, giving it a waterproof finish and helping to minimize additional mess or accidental spills following use.

Traditional boxes allow litter to be kicked out and onto surrounding floors every time a cat enters or exits, creating a mess that requires daily vacuuming. The errant litter also sticks to cats’ paws, resulting in it being tracked across carpets and floors. Standard litter trays are also more likely to emit unpleasant odors into a home.

The Doviast Leakage-Proof Cat Litter Mat features a raised perimeter that contains kicked-out litter on the mat itself. Its mesh surface also removes litter stuck to cats’ paws as they step onto the mat. This dual-action system prevents litter from being scattered throughout the home. The mat’s bottom layer has space for cat additional cat litter, eliminating odors and moisture from cat waste. This creates a cleaner home environment without constant vacuuming and odor management.

The mat has also been designed for simple cleaning and maintenance. The used litter can be dumped out, while the mat is rinsed off as needed, and cleaned with either a hose or a bucket and sponge.

Doviast offers nationwide shipping within 3 business days for all Leakage-Proof Cat Litter Mat orders. Purchases can be securely made online through PayPal, debit, and major credit cards.

A recent customer said: “I don’t know how I managed to live without this mat for so many years. One of the best purchases ever. I admit, I don’t always leave reviews. I do only when I have a terrible experience and I want to warn other customers, or then an item goes far beyond and above my expectations, and that’s the case for this.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://doviast.com/


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