HEMS Guyana offers Community Advance Emergency Medical Services

Guyana’s health sector has received a considerable boost as HEMS Guyana, the pioneering healthcare provider known for addressing the mental health and wellbeing needs of the country through “psychological first aid,” launches its Community Advance Emergency Medical Services.

This groundbreaking service upgrade augments the existing psychological first aid infrastructure with the integration of doctors and nurses alongside Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel. With this move, HEMS has revolutionized healthcare delivery by effectively taking the Emergency Department directly to the patients during acute crises. The service also extends to the provision of Primary Health Care Services for clients who are registered with the company.Follow HEMS Guyana Facebook page to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/HEMSGuyana.

Ian Harris, the founder of HEMS, underscored the significance of this milestone during the announcement. “The addition of the Community Advance Emergency Medical Services reduces the burden on Guyana’s Public Health Care system and provides peace of mind by delivering services in the comfort of one’s home or office,” said Harris. “This service builds on the great work done by the team with respect to psychological first aid services,” Harris added.

The introduction of these expanded services positions HEMS Guyana as a leader in community-based health services. It is set to be a game-changer, not just for the company but for the healthcare landscape of Guyana, shaping a new future where quality healthcare is increasingly accessible, flexible, and patient-centric.

About HEMS Guyana

HEMS Guyana, under the visionary leadership of founder Ian Harris, stands as a groundbreaking entity within Guyana’s healthcare sector. The organization is deeply committed to fulfilling the community’s healthcare needs through a unique blend of mental and physical health services. The innovative Community Advance Emergency Medical Services have notably revolutionized the delivery of healthcare. By integrating a skilled team of doctors, nurses, and EMS personnel,

HEMS Guyana effectively brings the Emergency Department to the comfort of patients’ homes or offices.

The organization’s unyielding dedication to patient-centric care and its mission to ease the burden on the public health system have established a new benchmark for holistic healthcare. By combining the comfort of familiar environments with the delivery of essential health services, HEMS Guyana addresses immediate health concerns while also fostering a sense of security and peace of mind for their patients. HEMS Guyana: The World’s Peace of Mind

HEMS Guyana

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