Hickory, NC Uber Auto Accident Injury Attorney: Law Firm Service Update

Nagle & Associates, a North Carolina law firm specializing in motor vehicle accidents, is announcing an expanded range of services for victims of Uber-caused accidents. Available for clients in Hickory, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and throughout the state, the firm’s services offer complete representation from a legal team with extensive experience handling ridesharing-related cases.

More details can be found at https://www.naglefirm.com/car-accidents/north-carolina-uber-accidents-attorney

The announcement comes as ridesharing-related accidents continue to be on the rise, with a Chicago Booth School of Business study suggesting that ridesharing services account for a 3% increase in traffic fatalities over the past 12 years – which amounts to close to 1,000 fatalities per day.

The complex nature of insurance coverage in ridesharing accidents makes them harder than usual to navigate – and leaves victims in a worse position when it comes to getting full compensation, explains the firm. Matters are fully complicated by Uber’s status as a technology provider – not a transportation company or car service, which carry other liability implications – and the North Carolina personal auto policy that excludes liability coverage for private drivers transporting passengers for a fee, which essentially means that Uber driver-caused liabilities are not covered by the driver’s insurance.

Securing compensation is, however, possible, with the help of an experienced law firm with expertise handling Uber-related auto accidents – and Nagle & Associates offer complete solutions to help victims.

“Because Uber’s insurance policy carries high limits, they employ highly experienced and skilled claims adjusters to oppose and avoid victims’ claims,” explained a company spokesperson. “Former insurance claims adjuster Carl Nagle knows how these cases are defended, and he stands ready to present our clients’ claims in a way that cannot be minimized or ignored. Further, by adding Uber, Lyft, or any other employer who hires professional drivers, we enhance case value both in settlement or in a trial setting.”

About Nagle & Associates

Nagle & Associates was founded by Carl Nagle, a former insurance adjuster who decided to pursue his passion for law and graduated from the University of Georgia law school with top academic honors. After working as an insurance defense attorney in Georgia, Carl moved to North Carolina and started specializing in auto accident law.

His experience includes defending insurance companies in numerous personal injury cases – which translates into in-depth insider knowledge of the strategies insurance companies use to minimize settlement payments. Carl is thus ideally positioned to help clients secure the highest possible compensation, with additional savings coming from the fact that the firm handles almost exclusively large-settlement cases and is thus able to charge lower fees than the competition.

With seven offices in North Carolina, Nagle & Associates can work with clients across the state.

A satisfied client said: “I cannot express how much I appreciate Nagle & Associates. I had peace of mind knowing they would help me get through the issues associated with my accident. I was kept up to date with issues happening in a timely manner. I was very impressed with the associate assigned to my case. Very professional but also very personal… I would highly recommend Nagle and Associates.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.naglefirm.com

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