Sustainable Commercial Servery Awning Windows With Single Handle Lock Announced

With newly available sustainable pass-through servery windows for commercial establishments, OpenUp Windows helps business owners in the food service sector maximize access to both their customers and their food prep areas. Made of sustainable materials and featuring a single-handle locking system, these windows provide the level of durability commercial entities need without sacrificing aesthetics or operational convenience.

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The key to success in the food service industry is volume. The more customers an establishment can attract, the more viable their business will be. OpenUp Windows has introduced a line of sustainable commercial servery windows that facilitate better customer interaction, and which open, close, and lock with simple fluidity for optimal indoor/outdoor access and reliable weather-proof and pest-proof insulation.

“Our gas strut pass-through servery windows allow restaurant, bar, cafe, and food truck operators to create an attractive yet functional business presence,” says Ed Page, founder, inventor, and chief engineer at OpenUp Windows. “We have worked closely with many commercial clients, helping them optimize interior and exterior spaces for better food order placement and higher customer turnover.”

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OpenUp Windows’ commercial windows feature Page’s proprietary 2Fold Technology, which creates a more visually appealing window that’s built to last.

Materials are precision cut by computers while the windows themselves are handcrafted using naturally durable Accoya(R) wood and heavy extruded tubular aluminum. All windows come with standard 1″ tempered hard coat Low-e glass for safety and UV ray protection and can be customized with painted handles and frames to align with commercial branding.

The windows are factory glazed and pre-hung for easy installation, and come in a full range of sizes.

Unlike bi-fold windows that obstruct views and limit functionality, OpenUp’s commercial windows feature a single pane that is propelled by gas strut engineering for smooth and easy opening and closing.

When fully engaged, the window remains at a 90-degree angle, providing impressive customer access and creating maximum business flow for uninterrupted food and bar service.

Whether business owners are designing a new space or renovating an existing establishment, restaurant, bar, and cafe operators can expand their indoor/outdoor connection by integrating a sustainable servery window from OpenUp Windows that opens with the touch of a hand, and locks with a twist of the wrist.

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