Austin Workplace Accident Injury Attorney, Personal Injury Representation Update

The move enables Reyna Law Firm to provide injured workers with up-to-date counsel regarding current state law as it pertains to their rights. At its Austin office, the firm is able to meet with victims and illustrate the potential strategies they may wish to take in pursuit of any compensatory damages they may be eligible to receive.

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Its services include the representation of Reyna Law Firm’s experienced personal injury attorneys, who are equipped to take the lead during legal proceedings. Whether hired to deal directly with insurance companies or bring cases to court, the firm’s lawyers are advocates for maximum compensation in support of victims and their families.

Construction site catastrophes and oil field disasters are among the most common occurrences that Reyna Law Firm encounters in its line of work. As well as representing those hurt in such workplace accidents, the firm is now further suited to advise and guide them in the event that their employer is not protected by mandatory workers’ comp plans.

“Your employer may not subscribe to workers’ compensation insurance coverage requirements,” says a Reyna Law Firm spokesperson. “There are rules that punish these companies by removing some of their legal defenses – and the law has no cap on the amount of damages that you can recover.”

Those who have the misfortune to work for companies that lack necessary insurance may be impacted by lost wages after accidents. Similarly, they may find themselves in the position of having to sue their employer simply to pay for costly hospital bills. Reyna Law Firm offers its services accordingly.

Since there is no limit on potential compensation amounts in Texas workplace accident cases, Reyna Law Firm advises that claimants have the opportunity to seek substantial economic damage awards, depending on their complaints.

The Texas-wide attorneys state that their legal campaigning efforts also take into account the long-term effects accidents may have had on their clients’ well-being. As such, Reyna Law Firm is equipped to target non-economic damages that cover any ongoing physical and emotional suffering that may be afflicting workplace accident victims in Austin.

One prior client commented: “I reached out to Reyna Law Firm after being injured in an accident. Over the course of my case, I found the firm to be friendly, relatable, professional, experienced, and hard-working. A lawsuit can be overwhelming, but Juan and his team kept me in the know and prepared me for each step in the process.”

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