Origin of UPS Part-Time Hub Employee: A Tribute to Innovation and Cost Reduction

Immokalee, Florida Jun 17, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – UPS, a global leader in package delivery and logistics, recognizes the invaluable contribution of Steve Cox, a former UPS employee, who revolutionized the company’s hub operations over five decades ago. In 1970, at the age of 20, Cox submitted a suggestion to the UPS Indianapolis HUB management that would forever change the way UPS operated its hubs.

Cox, now 72 and retired, residing in AVE MARIA, Florida, identified a recurring problem that hindered the performance of full-time hub operations. The inconsistent flow of packages, caused by peaks and valleys in feeder arrivals, affected efficiency and productivity. To address this issue, Cox proposed a strategic restructuring of the full-time hub operation into three part-time operations.

The essence of Cox’s proposal was to stage feeder loads, ensuring a constant flow of packages for processing, thereby eliminating the peaks and valleys. This innovative approach promised improved efficiency, reduced bottlenecks, and enhanced productivity within the hub operations. Additionally, Cox identified that transitioning to part-time operations would eliminate the need for full-time employee overtime, resulting in cost savings for the company.

UPS recognized the significance of Cox’s suggestion and sought the approval of the Teamsters Union, underscoring the fact that the idea originated from one of their members. UPS made a commitment to assign all full-time employees to new full-time jobs and assured that part-time employees would receive the same wages and benefits as their full-time counterparts. However, over time, UPS negotiated lower wages for part-time employees.

Despite the promise of personal reward or compensation, Steve Cox never received any monetary recognition for his groundbreaking suggestion. Nevertheless, UPS acknowledges the immense impact of Cox’s proposal, which represents one of the most substantial cost reductions in the company’s history.

Since the conversion to part-time operations, UPS has saved billions of dollars, and the company continues to benefit from the increased efficiency and productivity gained through Cox’s innovative thinking. Indianapolis served as the pilot district for this transformation, and within a year or two, all UPS hub operations were converted to part-time, adopting Cox’s visionary approach.

UPS has expressed deep gratitude to Steve Cox for his unwavering commitment to improving operations and his willingness to think outside the box. His idea has stood the test of time, becoming an integral part of UPS’s success story.

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