Campbellsville Primary & Family Health Care Programs: 2023 Service Update

The updated services at the clinic include primary care, pediatrics, geriatrics, immunizations, health exams for work or travel, counseling services, chronic disease management, and more.

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With healthcare provisions for the whole family, the revised services at One Cross Medical Clinic aim to ensure that patients have access to general health needs and preventative care as well as specialized attention.

According to a recent Harris Poll, over 70% of Americans express dissatisfaction with the healthcare system and feel as though their healthcare provider has failed them in some way. At One Cross Medical Clinic, the team recognizes that holistic health care includes more than just routine medical actions; it requires compassion and good listening skills. “Our staff consists of caregivers who are attentive and work as a team to treat you like family. You’re not just another patient to us,” says a representative.

The medical clinic offers an array of different services and programs, including general health check-ups, minor ambulatory procedures, chronic disease management, and lab work.

In addition, the clinic places a special focus on geriatric and pediatric care. One Cross Medical Clinic’s elder-care programs are intended to promote good health through the prevention and treatment of disabilities and diseases in older adults. The team acknowledges that geriatric care includes an awareness of psychological and social needs, as well as physical attention. The healthcare team is available to advise family members on how to care for older individuals in an effective manner.

Alongside geriatric care, the clinic also caters to its youngest patients. The team offers holistic pediatric programs, including attention to emotional needs as well as treatment for acute and chronic conditions. Staff members believe that emotional and physical fitness for children is a prerequisite for good self-esteem and strong relationships later in life.

One Cross Medical Clinic has been serving the Campbellsville community since 2000 and is inspired by a mission to provide whole-person health care, including counseling options. Founder Kimberly Mckenna says, “As we seek to care for the whole person in health, we know that emotional well-being is a large part of physical health. Our behavioral health services can help to cultivate healthy behaviors and habits and manage stress.”

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