Tucson Solar Panel Provider Selection Guide For Homeowners, Newsletter Updated

With the expansion of the solar industry in Tucson and the increasing number of solar companies available, it can be difficult for homeowners to choose the best one for their needs. With the latest Tucson Solar Insider report, Commander Curtis, a retired naval officer and solar enthusiast, aims to simplify the process and empower Tucson homeowners to make informed decisions.

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The announcement reflects Curtis’ commitment to assisting homeowners in navigating the Arizona solar industry with greater confidence. Readers will learn about the benefits and complexities of solar energy, as well as the high-pressure sales tactics prevalent in the solar industry today.

Tucson residents enjoy over 300 days of sunshine per year, making the location ideal for incorporating solar energy systems. Commander Curtis believes that every Tucson resident should have access to affordable and reliable solar energy.

He outlines some benefits of switching to solar energy in Tucson, emphasizing that homeowners can gain energy independence and protect themselves from Tucson Electric Power’s constantly increasing electricity rates.

Curtis explains that Tucson homeowners can take advantage of a variety of financial incentives and tax credits when they install solar panels. These incentives can help offset the cost of solar installation, making it more affordable for them to switch to clean, renewable energy.

In the report, Curtis also provides valuable tips for selecting the right solar company. He advises homeowners to look for a company with a good reputation that offers high-quality products with top-tier warranties, has reasonable pricing, and provides excellent customer service and support.

Readers can also receive a complimentary copy of “Ten Questions Tucson Solar Reps HATE Answering”, providing them with the questions they need to ask to make informed decisions about their solar installation.

“I have a unique position because of my love for Tucson, my love for going solar, my love for honesty and integrity, and my love for sales,” said Curtis, owner of Tucson Solar Insider. “I know not only a lot about the systems–how they are designed, installed, and all that–but also about the sales ‘techniques’ (more like tactics) that can be deployed.”

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