Kawartha Lakes Short-Term Rental Property Management For New Owners, Update

Property owners in or near the Kawartha Lakes area can now establish their homes on the short-term rental market easily following this service expansion by Sweet Spot Rentals. Their company handles the setup and ongoing maintenance of rental properties across Canada, as well as select areas of the US and Bahamas.

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Sweet Spot has expanded its services to this area to meet the growing demand for properties providing rural escape experiences, with the Kawartha Lakes area fitting that description. The area is well-known among water sports enthusiasts such as kayakers or fishermen, and its growing popularity makes it the ideal location for a new vacation rental.

The company is offering its services to anyone interested in owning a vacation rental property regardless of experience level. Their service is tailored to accommodate beginners while still providing the tools that experienced rental owners may require to effectively manage their properties.

The service provided by Sweet Spot Rentals includes cleaning and maintenance, 24/7 guest services, and security/inspection services. The company also handles the necessary digital marketing to promote a given property, placing client listings on over 300 popular booking sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, and more.

The company also provides assistance in securing the necessary documentation to establish a rental property in Ontario, which may include insurance and safety inspections to meet regulatory compliance standards. They are intimately familiar with the provincial and local statutes regarding rental properties and can secure this certification quickly and efficiently.

Upon partnering with the company, property owners will be granted access to the Sweet Spot online portal, which hosts their payment and reservation management systems, as well as additional information and customer requests.

Sweet Spot Rentals has already helped hundreds of property owners break into the short term rental market. Their expert team of trustworthy professionals can ensure that each guest at a given property receives the treatment they deserve, while property owners enjoy the luxury of a fully hands-off experience.

Additional details can be found at https://sweetspotrentals.com/what-we-do

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