EMF Protection Bed Canopy, Radiation Shielding Home & Bedroom: Guide Launched

The newly-launched guide explains how EMF can affect different health aspects, such as sleep quality and stress levels. The guide provides tips and techniques that can be implemented into the home.

More details can be found at: https://emfknowhow.com/all-about-emf-shielding-in-your-bedroom

For most people, the bedroom is a primary place of rest and sanctuary. However, high levels of electric magnetic field (EMF) radiation can be disruptive to sleep patterns and interfere with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The new guide from EMF KnowHow helps individuals and families ensure they are protected from harmful radiation rays.

According to the World Health Organization, EMF levels are a growing health hazard and affect populations in nearly every country around the world. It is anticipated that the risks of EMF exposure will continue to rise as technology advances. To help inform consumers, the recently launched EMF KnowHow guide explains how to measure EMF levels, the importance of reducing the presence of EMF radiation in a home or bedroom, and different products that offer an EMF shielding effect.

A thorough understanding of ambient EMF levels is the first step to reducing exposure. To measure EMF radiation in homes or bedrooms, EMF KnowHow recommends the use of an EMF meter. The guide explains how to use the meter and offers ratings for the best meters available.

Once EMF levels are assessed, action is needed. The guide describes a step-by-step process through which people can reduce EMF radiation, especially in the bedroom. This includes turning mobile phones onto airplane mode during the night, removing devices such as tablets or televisions from the room, and using a low-EMF alarm clock.

The guide also recommends turning off WiFi routers at night, with links to further information and studies regarding the detrimental health effects of WiFi exposure.

Finally, the resource sets out a number of practical products that can be used for increased protection and better health, including mindful lighting choices, EMF-shielding sheets and blankets, EMF paint, and EMF bed canopies. Links to lists and ratings for available products are included in the guide.

Further information can be found at: https://emfknowhow.com/all-about-emf-shielding-in-your-bedroom

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