Programmatic Job Advertising: Recruitment SaaS With Real-Time Data Updated

This update brings new data features to both of the software suites in the JobAdX ecosystem, impacting primarily their Optimize platform, but also accessible through their Exchange package. These real-time features will allow users of the JobAdX programmatic job advertising ecosystem to adjust ad campaigns based on by-the-minute, goal-driven reporting.

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Users of the JobAdX system will be able to establish automation-assisted job advertising campaigns using the updated software. These platforms allow users to establish parameters for factors such as ad spend and placement rates to create a fully customized advertising experience.

JobAdX Optimize now generates real-time reports for click-through rates, price-per-placement, and overall effectiveness of each ad campaign. Campaigns can be adjusted manually to optimize targeting, or the automation features built into both platforms can be enabled to automatically adjust placements for higher-quality exposure.

For a truly hands-off experience, JobAdX clients can use the Exchange platform to fully automate the advertising process. The tools present in that system allow clients to reach a higher volume of qualified candidates, with some users able to preserve up to 40% of ad spend using these automation techniques.

These tools have been enhanced in this most recent update to allow for a more performance-driven, economical approach to job advertising. Recruiters can now use these tools, which are similar in many ways to the versatile advertising tools available in other industries, to enhance their hiring and recruitment efforts.

The JobAdX software offers access to a catalog of over 100 partner job exchange sites, many of which support specialty industries to allow for more qualified exposure.

Those who wish to access extremely niche job exchanges or further modify their placement algorithms for industry-specific purposes can do so through the Optimize platform by submitting a custom placement request.

A free demo of this programmatic system is available on the JobAdX website. The software ecosystem is supported by a small, passionate team of experienced developers. They have already helped hundreds of small to medium-sized companies across America reach a greater audience in the recruitment process.

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