Custom High School Diploma Covers, Engraved Hardback Leatherette Range Expanded

Covers now offered are created using hardboard, leatherette, and satin ribbon, and are available in a variety of sizes and colors, such as black, red, blue, green, and maroon. Several customization options are also now offered, including text and logos, with up to two lines allowing clients to add name, graduation date, and/or college details.

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Hey Congrats explains that its latest selection is suitable for high school, home school, university, and professional certificates. The company’s materials and manufacturing processes offer a higher-quality finish than comparable products, and are designed to retain their appearance well into the future.

Whether high school or university, graduation represents a significant milestone in life, and many individuals want to display their certificate in a way that reflects the importance of the occasion. In addition, certificates can become bowed or damaged if they are not stored correctly, with many sources recommending some form of hard backing and quality materials that will not chemically interact with paper.

Hey Congrats’ enhanced line of certificate covers was developed to perform dual purposes, being long-lasting protection and high-quality presentation pieces. To that end, the firm focused on using hard-wearing textured leather, while also opting for finishes that offer a premium feel.

“Our high-quality diploma covers are a perfect complement to your hard-earned diploma, certificate, or any document that you need to keep safe and looking professional,” a company representative explained. “Unlike the cheap padded folders you might see online, ours are hardboard, so are much more sturdy and sleek looking.”

About Hey Congrats

In addition to direct-to-consumer sales, Hey Congrats offers bulk sales for institutions and organizations. To date, the firm has supplied custom hard covers to the Library of Congress, Boston College, GreenLeaf University, Pacific Coast University, the University of Maryland, and many others.

“I ordered a hardback leatherette folder from Hey Congrats, and I love the product so much,” one client recently stated. “The customized text came out perfect.”

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