Safe Chemical-Free Hemp Oil-Based Treatment To Reduce Joint Pain In Dogs

Since the legalization of hemp cultivation occurred at the US federal level in 2018, researchers who’ve been exploring the health benefits hemp extracts might potentially offer have been met with favorable returns. Newly announced USDA-certified organic Hemp-Based Oil for Pets from PetVetsRx embraces the natural healing properties broad-spectrum hemp-based formulations provide to offer a safe, chemical-free treat shown to relieve joint pain in dogs. Pet owners can now administer a healthy intervention that won’t result in the side effects many pharmaceutical medications produce.

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As more pet owners become aware of the health benefits plant-based products provide, the demand for hemp-based treats and interventions has increased. PetVetsRx introduces pet owners whose dogs battle joint pain to their premium grade broad-spectrum Hemp Oil distillate, a third-party lab-tested and vet-approved remedy that reduces inflammation to alleviate pain.

“Our organic, nutraceutical Hemp Oil is carefully blended with premium virgin olive oil for a healthy dietary supplement that reduces joint pain in dogs and enhances their overall vitality and well-being,” says a PetVetsRx spokesperson. “This is a chemical-free and non-psychoactive oil that doesn’t contain any of the constituents of the plant that can produce unwanted side effects.”

Compounds called phytocannabinoids are part of the hemp plant. These naturally occurring constituents are what gives the plant the potential to address common ailments like anxiety, joint pain, and depression, and potentially more complex diseases like cancer.

Studies suggest phytocannabinoids work in concert with one another to produce an entourage effect, otherwise known as holistic, non-pharmaceutical healing. PetVetsRx Hemp Oil is a nutraceutical hemp-based treat that retains a full range of phytocannabinoids rather than isolating just one for a distillate with all the benefits broad-spectrum hemp has to offer.

For dogs with joint pain, Hemp-Based Oil from PetVetsRx can help reduce inflammation for easier mobility. The oil also promotes a shinier coat and healthier skin.

A recent customer says, “PetVetsRx hemp oil has been a true blessing. I tried medications for my cat but nothing worked. This oil is the only thing that has dramatically improved her mobility and comfort. Not only have I noticed an improvement in her movement, but her overall well-being has also greatly improved.”

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