Unique Turquoise Necklaces For Gifts, Special Occasions & Everyday Launched

At the heart of the boutique jeweler’s new collection is their selection of handmade turquoise necklaces, some with pendants, others are wire wrapped or strung. Turquoise is a popular and vividly hued stone that is said to bring peace, luck, and protection, and therefore Amasor Jewelry particularly recommends their new handcrafted turquoise pieces as gifts.

More information is available at https://amasorjewelry.com/

Amasor Jewelry exclusively sells handcrafted jewelry and one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be purchased anywhere else, which is why they believe their jewelry makes for a meaningful gift. As a recent article on Verve Culture explained, buying artisan handcrafted gifts is an eco-friendly choice, a choice that directly supports the hands that made that product, and that gives the gift recipient a product that has been made with love and has a personal story to tell.

Amasor Jewelry’s head jeweler, Amy, has made all of their new turquoise pieces with love. And, through her designs, she has sought to make not only something beautiful and unique, but something that can be worn both every day and on special occasions.

New highlights from the jeweler’s collection include their Great Balls of Turquoise necklace. This statement piece is designed to showcase the natural beauty of turquoise and it features five 18mm round turquoise beads on a sterling silver chain, spaced apart by intricate sterling silver beads.

For something a little more understated and minimalist in design, Amasor Jewelry has new pieces like their Short Turquoise Necklace, which features 4mm cylindrical turquoise stones with contrasting gold-filled beads.

Amasor Jewelry also has new necklaces and pendants that partner the vivid sea-green hue of turquoise with the complementary and contrasting hues of other high-grade natural gemstones like pearl, coral, black agate, larimar, and blue lapis.

Amasor Jewelry is based in Los Angeles, but they retail their bespoke handcrafted pieces to gift-givers across the country with free shipping.

The artisan jewelry boutique’s head jeweler, Amy, said, “I am not sure how to describe what makes my jewelry so different. I do not have just one style because I love everything from sapphires to seed beads to pearls to ethnic beads, thus I design jewelry that is from ethnic to elegant to everyday. I make all the pieces myself and my work is meticulous and crafted with great consciousness as to color, weight, and balance.”

More details can be found at https://amasorjewelry.com/

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