QC Kinetix (Latham) Offers Innovative Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Latham, NY – QC Kinetix (Latham) is committed to improving its patients’ quality of life through its regenerative medicine treatments. The medical provider strives to offer exceptional customer service, from providing a free consultation to administering viable treatments.

By providing a free consultation before the treatment, the medical center in Latham ensures that patients are eligible for regenerative medicine before treatment. During the consultation, a physician uses a standard protocol, which includes assessing the patient’s current condition and evaluating their medical history. This guides the medical provider in developing a personalized treatment plan for the patient, in the process, achieving the set-out goals.

A quote from QC Kinetix (Latham)’s website reads, “While we aim to get you back to your daily activities as soon as possible, we understand that regenerative medicine may not suit everyone. That’s why we offer free initial consultations that include a thorough examination to see if you could benefit from our natural pain treatments.”

QC Kinetix (Latham) uses the free consultation session to provide clients with added convenience, as they do not have to wait in queue for hours. Patients can schedule an appointment at a preferred time during business hours and be sure to receive personalized attention. Furthermore, the providers offer more information about the treatments during the consultation, helping patients make informed decisions.

The regenerative medicine offered at the medical facility is renowned for its natural approach to treatment. Rather than causing harm to the patient’s body, the treatment takes advantage of the body’s ability to restore itself. Also, unlike other pain medications, the regenerative medicine administered at the medical facility has fewer side effects. For these reasons, the natural treatments are gaining popularity as an alternative to surgeries and other traditional therapies.

One of the ways the medical providers apply their medicine is in treating pain caused by chronic related conditions. Latham residents experiencing pain due to arthritis, which prevents them from conducting even minor tasks, such as taking a shower, can seek the clinic’s natural treatments to improve their quality of life. The regenerative medicine Latham can also be administered to individuals experiencing pain due to repetitive and heavy tasks.

In addition, the treatment is used to treat pain caused by sports injuries. The natural therapies treat knee, elbow, wrist, ankle, low back, and hip pain. Moreover, the therapies address sports injuries, including sprains and tears, shoulder and back injuries, and more. The medicine can also be incorporated with other traditional treatments to strengthen the body, preventing potential injuries.

Schedule an appointment by calling QC Kinetix (Latham) at (838) 900-3360. The clinic is located at 711 Troy-Schenectady Rd, Suite 207, Latham, NY, 12110, United States. Visit the clinic’s website to learn more about their regenerative medicine treatments for joint pain and sports injury treatment.

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