Dental Case Acceptance E-Book Announced By Real Talk Sales Consulting

While dentists, periodontists, and orthodontists are experts in oral health, without accompanying B2C sales skills they risk leaving potential revenues on the table. In tandem with this year’s National Small Business Week (NSBW), Real Talk Sales Consulting, LLC is releasing a new e-book titled “Rapid Case Acceptance In Dentistry: The Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid Leaving Big Money On The Table”, written by award-winning Master Sales Trainer Sherrine Washington to help practice owners improve their client acquisition rates for accelerated growth.

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Cognitive behavioral therapist turned successful dental case acceptance coach and The Creator of the Real Talk Selling System, Washington, says there are 10 key mistakes dentists often make that can compromise the business. In her new e-book, Washington introduces dentists and clinical coordinators to fundamental business strategies, including effective target market communication and active listening, and demonstrates empathy around client fears and apprehensions to help them increase case acceptance rates.

“Most dentists are leaving revenue on the table every day. Many spend thousands on leads with little payoff, and others struggle with disorganized patient flow and pipeline management,” says Washington. “My e-book teaches practice owners how to convert clients who may be sitting on the fence and how to double their client acquisition rates within days.”

Washington says her sales methods are not dependent upon where practice owners are in their business journey and can therefore be implemented immediately to help dentists and their teams convey absolute expertise and elicit client trust.

Her book helps with same-day sales building by introducing dental practitioners to important client relations strategies, including the involvement of patients in their decision-making process and effective treatment plan follow-ups that encourage appointment scheduling. Washington also assists with the development of available evidence-based resources dentists can provide to potential patients to help them feel more informed and less afraid of required procedures.

With National Small Business Week activities set to launch on April 30th, owners of dental practices have an opportunity to learn more about the strategies that lead to a thriving enterprise. With the newly launched “Rapid Case Acceptance in Dentistry: The Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid Leaving Big Money On The Table,” Sherrine Washington helps dental practitioners/business owners close 5-figure cases on the same day of the consultation, PAID-IN-FULL!

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