Gamified VR Workplace Training Simulation Tool For Improved Retention Launched

The company’s latest product launch offers businesses the advantages of next-generation workplace training technology beyond traditional e-learning strategies. Instead of clicking through a training program, employees are immersed in personalized, real-world work situations that provide more effective and efficient results than do traditional time- and labor-intensive methods.

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The new training tool also allows client companies to save time and effort by serving as a shared asset between the client and Sequel MV. Through coordination and planning, both parties can divide the labor between their teams, so such projects never have to be begun from scratch.

The industry-leading accounting firm Deloitte predicts that global revenues in the virtual reality market may increase by 50% between 2022 and 2023, from $4.7 billion to almost $7 billion. Education and training are particularly lucrative markets for VR, with an increase in growth of almost 38% in 2022, according to Meta. The technology has proved to be not only a safe teaching method for high-risk jobs but also an engaging one in general.

Sequel MV’s new VR tool for workplace training offers clients both of these benefits with its gamification features. Converting workplace training into a game-based activity gives trainees a sense of satisfaction through achievement, making the training more enjoyable. Sequel MV’s VR training tool uses scoring systems and customizable features to ensure users are engaged and retain more material than they would with traditional e-learning methods.

About Sequel MV

Sequel MV is an engagement marketing agency that helps clients create real-life experiences of their products and services to build stronger relationships with their prospects and customers. They have partnered with companies in a wide range of industries, from dentistry and pest control to auto care and sports, to create high-quality gamified learning experiences.

According to a company spokesperson: “Sequel MV strategies put you front and center with your most valuable audiences. We focus on building community and connections to develop lasting relationships. For businesses that are ready for the next level in audience engagement, we’ll help you leverage unique experiences to attract and earn loyal customers.”

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