Medina, OH Whole Health Dentistry: Periodontal Disease Treatment Update

These whole health dentistry services combine traditional oral health treatments with nutrition, exercise, and weight management education. Since periodontal disease can contribute to cardiovascular disease, blood clotting, and heart attacks, among other dangerous conditions, whole health dentistry attempts to improve oral health as a means of decreasing other health risks.

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This service update offers Medina residents an opportunity to receive personalized dental care that can help mitigate sleep apnea, bruxism (teeth grinding), and more serious conditions like type 2 diabetes. Blue Heron Dentistry uses salivary diagnostic tools to measure patients’ periodontal health and formulate a treatment plan based on their specific needs and condition.

Traditional dentistry practices, while effective in achieving their goals, tend to be limited in scope. Without taking into account the vast effects oral health can have on all bodily systems, issues like oral pathogens and the risk for oral cancer can be overlooked. Extensive and focused testing of a patient’s periodontal condition can detect early warning signs for serious conditions and help to mitigate the negative effects.

Blue Heron Dentistry uses Oral DNA and Direct Diagnostics to test for oral pathogens to determine a patient’s risk for diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and even birth complications. The practice also offers OraRisk(R) HPV testing to catch the early infection of Human Papillomavirus. Additionally, Blue Heron Dentistry offers preventative health care by educating patients about proper nutrition practices, weight management, and the benefits of regular exercise.

About Blue Heron Dentistry

Blue Heron Dentistry’s resident dentist is Dr. Heather Maze, an Ohio native. Having chosen dentistry as her future profession at an early age, Dr. Maze received her degree at Ohio State’s College of Dentistry and has been practicing ever since. The practice has been providing local communities with general preventative dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and whole health dentistry services since its foundation in 2008.

“We take great care in educating patients on the connection between periodontal disease and overall cardiac health,” says one spokesperson for the company. “We evaluate patients’ expectations of dentistry, then strive to deliver optimal care from gentle hands. Our vision is to help patients achieve the highest level of oral health available in dentistry.”

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