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Sleep Clinic Services is headquartered in Brisbane and offers home based diagnostic testing and treatment of sleep disordered breathing (SDB) conditions all around Australia.

SDB ranges from mild and simple snoring through to life threatening conditions like obstructive sleep apnea, where the sufferer stops breathing repeatedly while asleep.

One in five Australian adults suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Most know whether they snore, but 80% of those with OSA don’t know they have this serious medical condition. Sleep Clinic Services uses a scientifically validated questionnaire to quickly assess an individual’s Sleep Apnea Risk Profile. Click here to view this: Questionnaire

Mr Brett Chamberlain is the founder and CEO of Sleep Clinic Services. When interviewed by Eleven Media he said, “The Sleep Apnea Risk Test is a simple, free question sequence. It combines three scientifically validated and professionally recognised apnea tests. That results in a remarkably accurate risk assessment for sleep apnea. If the risk is assessed as serious, it also assesses Medicare eligibility for formal diagnostic testing, and tailored recommendations on what options exist.”

“At Sleep Clinic Services our core values are ‘Service, Care, Success’. We deliver awesome service, legendary care, and we recognise our success comes from ensuring the patient’s success,” said Mr Chamberlain.

“So, we help people find the best diagnostic testing and treatment options for them. Our unique specialty is sleep studies in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your own home instead of a hospital bed, but we can also help arrange hospital based studies or simple screening tests. Whatever the person needs.”

Sleep Clinic Services’ strategy is to be the helpful, user-friendly operator in a user-surly field. It appears to be working, with the company reporting its fifth consecutive record year, and the sector’s highest number of 5 star reviews.

About Sleep Clinic Services

Founded in 2008, Sleep Clinic Services began as a small, local business on Brisbane’s northside. Now it uses telehealth to help people all around Australia, from capital cities to mining camps and remote rural properties.

Their goal is to deliver the most user-friendly diagnosis and treatment possible, in the comfort, privacy and convenience of the patients own home, anywhere in Australia. Diagnostic equipment is delivered on a date the patient chooses.

They use advanced portable diagnostic equipment to monitor a wide range of sleep factors, including heart and brain activity, blood oxygen levels which can plummet during some sleep events, breathing patterns and the number and duration of any stoppages, sleeping positions, arm and leg movements, and more.

The recorded data is downloaded and sent to a sleep scientist for analysis and a specialist Sleep & Respiratory Physician for a formal diagnosis.

When treatment is required, Sleep Clinic Services offers proactive and ongoing care and treatment optimisation which achieves success rates literally double the industry standard.

Learn more about reclaiming peaceful restorative sleep using Sleep Clinic Services, by clicking this link: https://www.sleepclinicservices.com

Sleep Clinic Services

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