Nashville TN Smart Gym Personalized Cardio & Strength Training Program Updated

The latest updates have been created to help clients who struggle to see results from traditional fitness programs or find it difficult to stick to a workout regimen that doesn’t have much of an effect.

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Using state-of-the-art technology, the recently updated services from Quantify Fitness offer a faster, more effective way to get in shape, using the individual intensity threshold of each client to create a program that helps them see results more quickly.

The smart gym offers clients an answer to the three most common reasons people give up on working out: overtraining, lack of time, and most commonly a lack of results. Each of these concerns can be addressed through the gym’s innovative and effective program, which takes into account the needs and goals of each client and ensures that every minute spent working out provides results.

Quantify Fitness’ program is tailored for each client using their individual intensity threshold, which means each time they use a piece of equipment it’s optimized for them and their strength level. This way, no time or energy is wasted on over or under-training, so clients can exercise for as little as 45 minutes each week and see better results than they would with hourly daily workouts.

This 45-minute weekly program is most often split into several shorter sessions, but each is more effective than the average workout to offer quantifiable results that can be seen and felt at a faster rate than working out in a regular gym. For example, clients spending less than 9 minutes on the gym’s popular Cardiovascular Optimization Logic Bike will see the same results as they might from a 45-minute jog.

“My husband and I have been working with Josh at Quantify Fitness and have seen amazing results,” said one satisfied client. “Not only do we have improved muscle mass, less body fat and improved stamina, but the time saved by working out less gives us more time for date nights. I highly recommend it to everyone I know!”

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