$STZU Memecoin NFT & Metaverse Exchange Platform Presale Access Period Announced

The new presale period comes just ahead of the Shihtzu DApp wallet launch, which will allow holders to store the digital asset on-chain. The coin will be used in the near future to power Metaverse development and NFT development, both of which are slated to release in Q2 2023.

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The new Shihtzu Exchange service will be the premier platform to trade in $STZU and $STZU-backed assets. The coin will be used to execute smart contract integrations, mint NFTs, carry out scans and licensing, and power the Shihtzu team’s Metaverse/DeFi gaming endeavors.

Crypto enthusiasts may find themselves awash in a sea of memecoin-like projects which lack real utility, which is something that $STZU has been created to address. Their ambitions and roadmap are on par with that of other successful memecoins and $DOGE in particular.

Through their platform, they hope to drive down the cost and increase the accessibility of the NFT market by decreasing minting and licensing fees. Their platform will also host Shihtzu Coin-themed NFTs featuring their mascot so that interested parties can show their support for the project on their Metamask or Opensea accounts.

The Shihtzu roadmap suggests that not only does the platform intend to lower exchange fees in relation to the competition, but to eliminate them altogether. This will make $STZU one of the most efficient and cost-effective trading options among its other high market cap contemporaries.

Following their presale period, the team also intends to launch their own blockchain with the end goal of stabilizing prices and limiting volatility. The platform as a whole will be available online or through their mobile app, which is scheduled to launch alongside their blockchain release.

Their operation and whitepaper have been fully audited and certified by Certik, a trusted name in blockchain monitoring. As a project, they seek to establish the trust of their user base above all else in order to separate themselves from the rug pull and pump-and-dump schemes which have plagued the market in recent years.

The Shihtzu Exchange opened for presale in early September, with a full launch expected in Q4 2022.

More information is available at https://shihtzu.exchange

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