Pillir Recently Champions the Benefits SAP EWM Process Flow

As a leading application development company helping SAP-centric businesses power innovation, Pillir discusses the benefits of SAP Embedded Warehouse Management (EWM) process flow.

SAP EWM is part of SAP AG’s SCM Suite of Solutions, which provides end-to-end support for supply chain processes. It’s an integrated and high-speed software platform that enables businesses to manage a high volume of warehouse activities and run agile operations with accelerated and digitized warehouse processes.

Far from being an add-on or extension to what was formerly available, SAP EWM has been built from the bottom up, and implies that supply chain management plays a critical role in almost all business operations.

The ever-intensifying competition in e-commerce has put unprecedented pressure on businesses to ensure seamless supply chain functions. As a result, enterprises invest around EUR300 billion annually in warehouse management systems, and over 80% of companies worldwide intend to optimize their end-to-end warehouse management by 2024 through technological upgrades.

Allowing businesses to cope with the changing demands while building more resilient, transparent supply chains, SAP EWM process flow is now leading the warehouse management systems market.

According to Pillir, maintaining the same supply-chain flow and expertly managing its operational complexities are two leading reasons behind SAP-centric enterprises preferring EWM’s capability of process standardization.

According to the company, traditional warehouse operations are mired in manual processes, intricate workforce management, lack of visibility, poor inventory accuracy, and so forth. Embedding MFSM tools (Material Flow System), SAP EWM process flow offers complete warehouse visibility for inventory tracking, space optimization, and efficient utilization of workforce.

Additionally, it provides controlled automation and dynamic optimization of the processes across each stage of the supply chain–from order placement all the way through to shipment. The result is shortened TAT (turnaround time) in delivering goods to buyers leading to a better customer experience.

Further, in decentralized deployment, SAP EWM supports tight integration with other ERP functions. Automated order (inbound/outbound) processing and data sharing are a few benefits among many associated with decentralized SAP EWM.

SAP has evolved as a robust and sophisticated warehouse management platform, efficiently addressing the demands of present-day warehousing. Even though SAP EWM delivers high-end functionalities for cross-docking, real-time inventory tracking, labor, and transportation unit management, it lacks mobility. It means that with the SAP EWM process flow system in action, warehouse employees cannot input data in SAP at the point of tasks–they have to update the system from a shared terminal after completing a task.

Pillir stresses the importance of leveraging a platform that can introduce mobility via SAP integration. Such a system can bolster productivity and uplift near-real-time visibility to real-time visibility. Pillir, for instance, provides a user-centric, customized experience that seamlessly integrates with SAP while keeping the digital core clean with its EdgeReady Cloud.

The company claims its LC/NC platform allows enterprises to build custom apps using the built-in templates or from scratch using Pillir’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Incorporating powerful offline capabilities, Pillir can deliver a top-notch user experience, regardless of network connectivity, and orchestrates data synchronization as soon as the connection is restored.

The company also offers a warehouse management apps suite to help enterprises gain faster fulfillment, slash outlays, and speed up innovation in their SAP business applications.

To quote a testimonial written by a client, “We developed and deployed over 15 apps using Pillir in only a few months. These apps work regardless of internet connectivity – as some of our business processes take place in locations with no connectivity. We now have better visibility on our inventory and better operational efficiency.”

Interested parties can learn more about Pillir by visiting https://www.pillir.io/.

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