Lincoln-Goldfinch Law in Austin TX Brings Security to Families Through Immigration Lawyers

Austin, TX – Minor immigration issues such as visiting the US for vacation with a return date don’t need the services of an immigration lawyer. However, individuals uncertain about their basic eligibility, requesting any type of relief, facing a conviction in Austin, or planning to live or work in the US should seek the guidance of Lincoln-Goldfinch Law. The immigration lawyer handles cases of citizenship, deportation, visas, naturalization, and other immigration matters.

Attorney Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch, the founder, leads a team of bilingual legal professionals with a deep connection to the cause of bringing families together. To them, their work demonstrates a history of activism for immigrants. Knowing that immigration issues are unique, they take the time to understand a client’s needs before performing in-depth research, examining any legal records, consulting professionals in other fields, and creating personalized solutions. The law firm operates on the values of honesty, respect, open communication, integrity, and compassion.

The right to asylum is an old principle that gives people the right to run away from their home countries and seek refuge somewhere in the US. To apply for asylum, a person must be physically in the US and afraid to face persecution based on their nationality, race, belif, or membership in particular organizations.

The Lincoln-Goldfinch Law immigration law office establishes good cause when filing for affirmative asylum and helps clients understand the removal proceedings for a defensive asylum. Alongside asylum, the firm helps immigrants become legal citizens of the US by birth, naturalization, acquisition, or derivation from a parent. The attorneys offer guidance on the requirements for naturalization, the best time to be a citizen, and the application process.

As a green card attorney in Austin, Attorney Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch has extensive experience helping clients obtain their green cards. To get a green card through family sponsorship, an individual must be an immediate family member of a US citizen, a widow or widower of a citizen who was married at the time of death, or a VAWA self-petitioner or victim of cruelty or battery.

For an employer sponsorship, the client must be an immigrant worker, immigrant investor, or a doctor committed to serving in an underserved area in the US. The attorney also handles green card cases for special immigrants, refugees/asylees, human trafficking victims, persons selected in the diversity immigrant visa program lottery, abused spouses/children, and other individuals eligible under special laws.

Foreign citizens seeking entry into the US are required to have permanent or temporary visas depending on the purpose of travel. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law streamlines the application process for visitor visas, business visas, tourist visas, and employment visas. Being in the country illegally or infringing immigration laws may lead to deportation. Once a person is deported, they may have a hard time getting back into the country, which is why they need to work with an immigration lawyer to understand the system. Attorney Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch and her team help clients navigate the immigration system to prevent additional consequences.

To schedule a free consultation, call (855) 502-0555 or visit their website. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is located at 1005 E 40th St, Austin, TX, 78751, US.

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