EcoGen America is Assisting Commercial and Residential Clients Switch to Solar Energy Across the US

In the last decade, some of the main conversations that have dominated discourses across the US are the rising electric bills and the need for greener and more sustainable energy. To make solar possible, EcoGen America is providing custom plans to commercial and residential clients across different states. They are involved from planning to installation, ensuring the client gets the perfect installation based on their energy needs.

As a full-service residential solar company dedicated to efficiency, they install photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. EcoGen America’s PV panels have low maintenance costs and can be customized to a client’s home’s design and power needs. Before installation, clients can use the solar savings calculator that takes basic information — such as their location and energy usage — to calculate their energy savings through renewable energy.

EcoGen America partners with experienced and highly qualified electricians, contractors, and technology providers in the installation process. Bringing the experts on board in the planning and installation stages helps make the installations affordable. Residential and commercial clients can also request a free and itemized quote from the experienced team.

Even though solar energy is not new, there are many knowledge gaps that EcoGen America is filling by offering information. The company is dedicated to educating clients on key issues such as incentives available, tax credits, and (the process of) selling excess solar energy to the utility company. The team also answers clients’ questions, such as whether the solar is worth it in their respective states and the cost of going off-grid.

Residential and commercial clients interested in transitioning to greener energy but do not have the initial capital can get assistance. As a company dedicated to making solar possible, it offers Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to qualified property owners. With the PPA in place, the company installs and supplies energy to the client (at an agreed rate) for a long period.

To check whether they qualify for the PPA program, homeowners and commercial clients can fill out a non-obligatory form on the company’s official site. If clients meet the set requirements, the local solar advisors can guide them through the other processes, such as choosing a perfect plan based on their home, state, and energy needs.

Besides assisting residential and commercial clients to go green, EcoGen America offers roofing services. The company partners with highly-qualified roofing contractors to serve clients interested in knowing whether their old roof can hold up solar panels or if they need a new installation. In addition to inspections, the company offers roofing repairs and installation services, assisting the client in giving their home a facelift and increasing the property’s resale value.

Clients interested in residential solar panels can contact EcoGen America at (888) 294-5764. Visit the website to learn more about EcoGen America.

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