Real Estate Market Not just Cools down in Golden State-It Dwindles

More and more people decide to leave the Golden State every day. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and its counties. Thousand Oaks CA for example real estate transactions decline. As long as Federal Reserve drives interest rates up. Mortgage companies that aren’t huge but rather like a first defending shield. Will go out of business because books have been fried. Real estate residential home buyers will see fewer places where to take a mortgage to buy a house in CA. Although house prices drop. Banks won’t hurry to borrow home shoppers’ money to buy the property.

In short, high-interest rates make money more expensive for commercial banks to borrow in the food chain- consumers. Bankers make money on the spread between short and long-term borrowing. When 30 years mortgage produces less yield than a 1-2-year note. Banks can’t make money anymore. Yet when sharks stop swimming, sharks drown.

In addition to mentioned economic challenges. Consumers won’t refinance mortgages from 4.5% to 5.89%. Unless homeowners are despaired of getting cash to cover other debt payments that are due every month. Which adds more competition to lenders. For example, an affordable rate below 3% was standard 1-2 years ago.

What to expect from now on. Fed Reserve will continue to spike interest rates slowing demand. Fed can’t control supply. How high the rate might go. As high as the process takes to curb inflation at the cost of recession or even depression. USA DGP has been declining for the last 2 consecutive quarters. Meaning the corporation’s payroll must be shrinking. People go home without a check in 2-3 months depending on the employment termination package. For instance “whales” started to fire people at the first sign of trouble. Amazon fired 100000 employees at once.

People will start to save on emotional purchases. Focusing on basic needs. Food, shelter, and energy are the main expenses.

Remote opportunities will diminish as a pretext to fire additional employees if workers choose not to come back to offices. Wage or salary dictates where people can afford to live. Climbing inflation is a leading horse and paycheck is a lagging one. Adding variable mortgage rate for a home that spiked. Dwellers can’t afford the life they had. Albeit this is so difficult to relinquish. Smart people will fleet to other destinations. Sunbelt states is a default choice.

The most common destination for former Californians are States like Arizona, Nevada, or Texas offers a lower cost of living and more diverse job opportunities. Overall job market starts to decline. Because Fed Reserve squeezes the demand.

California home sellers are still commanding high prices. However, this trend will slowly change as the market adjusts to a downward inevitable correction. Now remains an excellent time to sell in California. But awful time to buy for consumers and most investors yet. There are additional considerations if moving to another state.

Tips For Finding A New Home And Life

Uprooting from California and leaving everything behind can be daunting. Plenty of resources are available to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Home value Vs earnings is a great affordability indicator. Historic home value against historic paycheck is the major driver where population transition.

Historical home value. Any price almost is subject to correction. As long as we have a free market and capitalism.

Employers profile in the region. Smart companies move to where the capital is treated the best.

Research Homes Or Apartments Online – Luckily, the internet has made this process easy than ever to research potential new homes in different States. Websites like, Zillow, and Trulia list homes for sale all over the country.

For residents looking to rent, is a great resource. Narrowing down the search by location, price, and amenities is a breeze. With virtual tours and the ability to apply for apartments online, finding a new place to live has never been more accessible.

Selecting a new place to live with a high walk score is essential for people to enjoy convenience within walking distance of home. Walk Score is a website that rates the walkability of any given address. The higher the Score, the more pedestrian-friendly an area is.

Accessibility is essential for residents to get around without a car. Also, a great way to be able to walk or bike to nearby restaurants, shops, and parks.

Get To Know The Local Scene – One of the best ways to get acclimated to a new city is by attending local events. Checking out the farmers’ markets, festivals, and live music scene is a great way to get a feel for the area’s culture and people.

Adjusting To The Sunshine Belt’s Climate – One of the best things about moving to the Sunshine Belt is the beautiful weather year-round. However, this change can take some getting used to, especially for Californians who are used to milder weather conditions.

Stock Up On Sun Protection Essentials – Be ready to stock up on sun protection essentials like UPF-protective clothing, sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses for the move. The heat can be intense, so staying hydrated and protecting skin from the sun’s rays is essential.

Wait It Out Or Make A Wise Move?

For some, the lure of lower taxes, cheaper living costs, and more job opportunities are too great to resist. However, some may decide to wait to make significant moves to avoid potential pitfalls as the market experiences correction.

A lot of realtors will sell FOMO that inventory is low thus prices are high. Inventory will increase soon for the reasons have been mentioned above. If home hunters want to purchase a house at the market peak. Well, ramifications will follow. Either way Ready to go movers will take care of the move.

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