US Real Turquoise Strung Necklaces & Bracelets With Blue Lapis Lazuli Launched

The jeweler’s new necklaces and bracelets are inspired by bold, ethnic styles and designs, and they feature pure, natural turquoise stones and beads. The exotic pieces in Amasor Jewelry’s new collection are also accented by other semi-precious stones like deep royal blue lapis lazuli and coral which is an organic gemstone.

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The launch of their new turquoise collection coincides with a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) about the popularity of the stone. In the article, WSJ interviewed Tiffany & Co’s chief gemologist, Victoria Wirth Reynolds, who stated that turquoise is the stone of 2022, popular for its vivid hue, raw quality and rich history.

Amasor Jewelry finds the stone similarly compelling and finds that its rich variegated colors make for eye-catching and one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

As such, highlights of the store’s new range of turquoise strung necklaces include their Short Turquoise Necklace. This 17-inch necklace features a string of boxy cylindrical turquoise stones measuring 4mm each and is interspersed with accent gold-filled beads. The jeweler believes this simple piece is perfect for understated yet unique everyday wear.

Alternately, for customers seeking a bolder look, Amasor Jewelry’s The Power of Turquoise, Coral and Lapis Lazuli Necklace features the same cylindrical turquoise stones, offset by blue lapis beads and larger coral gemstones, with thin brass spacers between. This richly colorful piece takes these traditional tribal stones and gives them a modern touch.

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In bracelets, customers can choose between strung pieces like their Turquoise Bracelet with Hill Tribe Silver Bead or their Double Strand Turquoise and Sterling Silver Bracelet.

Although today many stores and fashion jewelry retailers sell ‘turquoise’ beads, which are in fact made of howlite, magnesite or even plastic or resin, Amasor Jewelry is proud to verify that all of their turquoise beads are 100% real, pure turquoise. As such, they believe that wearers will enjoy the full spiritual grounding and balancing energy of the stone.

Amasor Jewelry is a Los Angeles jeweler that is passionate about handcrafting pieces from beautiful, natural stones to be worn as everyday wardrobe accents.

A spokesperson for the jeweler said, “From simple to elaborate and from understated to bold, we have ethnic-styled short and long pieces for everyday wear with 100% turquoise beads and other semi-precious stones.”

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