Miami FL Publix Injury Accident Lawyer – Slip/Fall Attorney Services Launched

The newly launched claim service from the Louis Law Group is aimed at individuals who have suffered a fall, trip, or slip at their local Publix supermarket. The legal firm states there are many scenarios when the company could be liable for an individual’s medical bills.

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An example of an injury-prone scenario is when the floor is wet, but no sign has been put out, or when the floor is uneven and requires maintenance. Another common occurrence is items that are not stacked correctly falling from shelves. Whatever caused the injury, Louis Law Group has launched its new specialist service to help individuals claim the compensation they are entitled to.

Louis Law Group understands how hard it can be to win a case against a large corporation, such as Publix. The law firm states it is difficult to prove employees were negligent and, therefore, caused the accident to happen. However, having legal representation can help a claimant put forward a stronger case.

Premise liability is one of the leading causes of lawsuits against Publix, which is why Louis Law Group has launched its new service. Many individuals who suffer a personal injury face medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses to cover their lost earnings. They may also suffer emotional hardships. This could be because of unexpected medical bills or social isolation if their mobility is reduced, and they cannot see friends and family.

Both short- and long-term injuries, including disability, can cause consequences. Louis Law Group recognizes the stress caused by personal injuries and accidents that were not the fault of the victim.

Aside from personal injury claims and accidents caused by Publix, Louis Law Firm helps clients deal with health and property claims. The latter extends to insurance claim litigation, assignment of benefit, and coverage disputes. The legal firm serves all of Florida, with offices in Orlando, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Naples, and Tampa.

A company spokesperson said: “Louis Law Group is one of the few legal firms in South Florida with extensive experience representing Publix injury accident victims. If you have a strong case, the last thing Publix will want to do is go through an expensive civil trial.”

“They would much rather settle out of court, especially if they see you have professional legal representation on your side,” they added.

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