Hattiesburg Tree Trimming & Arboreal Upkeep Service For Property Owners Expanded

The family-owned local business, which has a professional and certified arborist full-time on its staff, now offers pruning and tree trimming services to the entire Pine Belt region of Mississippi.

More information can be found at https://geddietreeandland.com

Geddie Tree & Land Services, whose offerings also include site prep, land clearing, and brush removal, has expanded its service region in response to increased demand from customers looking to better manage their land – especially in the face of threats posed by increasingly unpredictable weather patterns.

2021 saw ice storms and freezing temperatures along with the more familiar tornadoes, and Hurricane Ida. 2022 to date has witnessed much of the same – sudden and dramatic weather shifts in a region more familiar with long, humid summers and brief, wet winters. Experts confirm that this kind of pattern will typically wreak havoc on trees and surrounding vegetation, resulting in more diseased and unstable trees – and consequently has a negative impact on property owners. Southeastern Mississippi, with its abundant woodlands and lush foliage, is especially vulnerable.

In order to maintain the vegetation on a property owner’s land, Geddie Tree & Land Services provides quick, dependable, and reasonably priced tree services. The company employs a large fleet of trucks and specialized equipment to facilitate the process of tree trimming, pruning, shaping – and removing the client’s trees, as necessary.

Geddie Tree & Land recommends tree trimming be done on a regular basis to help forestall disease and damage while ensuring an aesthetically pleasing look. Moreover, this preventive /enhancement service helps clients maintain overall property value.

The company recognizes that clients’ trees may need removal for a variety of reasons – from disease and storm damage to a construction project or land management requirements. For especially sensitive situations or when the property owner is unclear on how to proceed, the firm’s arborist can help determine the best way forward.

Geddie Tree & Land – which is committed to overcoming the poor image associated with the tree industry – offers same-day estimates in the Hattiesburg area.

One recent customer commented: “These guys went above and beyond to get a huge pine tree down that was threatening to fall on my house. They are so skilled and work quite well as a team. I’m so thankful for their kindness, knowledge and especially their expertise. They did a great job.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://geddietreeandland.com/tree-services

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